Weekly Update 10/22-10/26

This week we talked about who works with signs! Mrs Longoria came into the classroom to tell us about how she keeps students safe when walking across the cross walk. We practiced waiting for the crossing guard to put her sign up before walking across the street in front of the school. We also began learning some sign language! We practiced the signs for stop, please, and thank you this week.

During small groups this week the students learned about graphing, sequencing by size using nesting dolls, and we began talking about rhyming words. You can practice rhyming at home by gathering items that rhyme and having your child try to decide which items belong together. For example, car and star, rock and sock, cat and hat, etc.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on additional safety rules. We learned the Always Ask First Rule and we learned about things that are good for and bad for our bodies. Our Always Ask First Rule states that we must always ask an adult before going anywhere with or taking anything from someone.

We also talked about the size of our problems and appropriate reactions to various problems. We always ask, “Is that a big problem or a small problem?” and then talk about the type of reaction that is appropriate for the situation. This is a skill that can be practiced and modeled at home! If your child has a big reaction to a small problem, take a second to discuss what an appropriate response would look like and why it’s important. “When you scream/cry/yell it makes me think that you are hurt and that is scary. You could do this instead…”



October 30 — No School (PLC)

November 5-16 — Second Quarter Home Visits **Don’t forget to gather materials to make your family sign!**

November 21-26 — No School (Break)

November 27 — No School (PLC)


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