Weekly Update 10/8-10/11

This week we talked about the different kinds of signs that we might see in our environments and where they are found. The students were able to make their own advertisement, tell us their favorite place to shop, and draw the signs that they saw in our classroom.

During small group this week the students were counting and using 1:1 correspondence, playing stop & go using different body movements, and hopping on a number line. Our social emotional curriculum this week focused on safety rules about fire, guns, and rules about getting found if you’re ever lost or separated from an adult. In addition to these new rules that we learned, the students reviewed our rules about car safety and traffic safety.

Another skill we have been practicing is how to keep our friends and teachers safe from germs. As the cold weather approaches this is something that is vital in our classroom. We are teaching students how to cover their cough, blow their nose, and wash their hands. This is a something that can be practiced in the home environment as well. We know that these skills become habits when they are used consistently and across all environments. Please talk to your child about the importance of keeping everyone safe from germs and how to appropriately do so. 


October 12-16 — No School (Fall Break)

October 22-26 — Red Ribbon Week (More information to come)

October 30 — No School (PLC)


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