Weekly Update 9/17-9/21

This week we have been discussing appropriate ways to make friends and enter groups of play. We have been practicing our friendship skills in the classroom and talking about how we can be kind friends. The students had an opportunity to draw a picture of how they have been kind to their friends or siblings and we will be hanging them up in our classroom!

This was the last week of our Beginning of The Year Study! We will begin a new study, our Signs Study, on Monday. There is an attachment in your e-mail that explains what we will be talking about and how you can help us learn during our new study.

In small groups this week we worked on predicting and counting, writing about ourselves, and playing a memory/matching game. Our social emotional curriculum focused on how to use self-talk in the classroom and we also reviewed our Hold procedure.

We introduced some new materials in our art center this week! The students were able to use tape dispensers and staplers (with adult supervision). The preschoolers did a GREAT job following directions while using these new materials. They had fun making books, sending letters, and experimenting with the materials. I encourage you to allow your children to use these items at home 🙂 They are more than capable of using them in the correct way with adult supervision.


September 25 — No School (PLC Day)

October 5 — Family Socialization @ Fun Night 5:30-6:30pm

October 8 & 11 — Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30-7:00

October 12-16 — No School (Fall Break)

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