Weekly Update 9/10-9/14

This week we finished up our discussion about when things happen at school and began talking about who works at Kloefkorn. We had a special visitor, Ms Carol, come talk to us about what she does in the kitchen to make our food each day. The preschoolers had a lot of great questions for Ms Carol (How do you make chicken? What’s your favorite ice cream? What’s your favorite color?).We also read The Gingerbread Man and then went on a Gingerbread hunt to find him in the classroom and the school. During small groups this week the students worked on identifying letters, making shapes with geoboards (rubber band boards), and making pretend cookies with playdoh.

Our social emotional curriculum this week focused on fair ways to play (share, trade, play together) and also how to appropriately ask for and give a toy. These are skills we work on every single day in preschool and they are skills that can be practiced at home during routine times of the day. For example, at meal times have your child practice asking for a particular food item or drink.

Save the Date!

Our first family socialization will occur on October 5 from 5:30-6:30 at Kloefkorn Elementary. We will be participating in Fun Night! The following website will give you more information about the event: https://kloefkornpto.org/fun-night/

*The actual event is from 5:30-8:00 and you are welcome to come at anytime, however, preschool staff will only be there until 6:30*


September 19 — Picture Day

September 21 — Walk-a-Thon & Pajama Day!

September 25 — No School (PLC)

October 5 — Family Socialization @ Fun Night 5:30-6:30

Weekly Update 9/4-9/7

This week in preschool we have continued to talk about rules we have in our classroom and at Kloefkorn. We also started to talk about what happens during our day, for example, what happens during small group or large group, and how we know when those parts of our day are coming. We talked about the clock and that it helps us know when things happen and how we can look at our schedule to determine which part of the day comes next.

During our small groups this week, students were able to practice using their positional words (next to, behind, in front of) by tossing bean bags into a bucket, compare sizes of structures using unifix cubes (taller than, shorter than, more, less), and identify letters by putting together a puzzle. These are all skills that you can practice at home using various objects or your child’s own body (e.g., stand behind the chair, are you bigger or smaller than the table?, what letters do you see in your bedroom? etc.).

Our social emotional curriculum discussed how we can focus our attention using our attento-scopes (ask your child to show you what they look like) and continued to practice how to be welcoming to new peers and adults in the classroom. We also had an opportunity to practice our new Standard Response Protocol procedure of Hold. This would occur if there was ever an emergency inside the building in which they needed the hallways clear (e.g., medical emergency where medical personnel needed to get to someone quickly).


Please continue to empty your Friday folders and send them back on Monday (or the next school day).

September 19 — Picture Day @ 1:30pm

September 21 — Walk-a-thon & Pajama Day!

September 25 — No School (PLC)