Weekly Update 8/27-8/31

This week in preschool we talked about rules in our classroom and school. We reviewed the rules we have established and the students generated some new rules for us to follow each day. The rules in our classroom are: Eyes are watching, ears are listening, voices quiet, body calm. We sing a song with these lyrics each day to remind ourselves of our listening rules, ask your child if they can sing it for you!

Our social emotional curriculum focused on welcoming and how we can welcome new friends or guests to our classroom. Our new friend Morris (puppet) stopped by to help our friends practice how we can be welcoming. We also talked about listening and what it means to be a great listener.

In our small groups this week we worked on identifying letters in our names, identifying and recognizing colors in the classroom, and we practiced writing our names. You can help support these ideas at home by reviewing the letters in your child’s name with them. If your child knows how to spell their name, try asking about the letters in a random order.

Friday Folders

I wanted to clarify some things about our Friday folders that I failed to mention last week. The book orders are completely optional. These orders are done through our classroom and if you choose to order books they generate points that can be used to purchase books or materials for the classroom. These will be sent out each month and can be entered online at the Scholastic website. These books will be sent to school and then we will send them home with your child. The activities that I send home are also optional to complete.

The items in your Friday folder can be taken out and kept at home. If there is information that you don’t need or won’t use, feel free to recycle it.

If you have any questions about what is in the folder, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



September 3 — No School (Labor Day)

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