Last Week!

I know this is not how anyone expected our year together to end, but I want to say a sincere thank you to everyone for their flexibility and grace while we worked through our remote learning. I truly appreciate your willingness to participate and communicate during our last quarter.


I hope everyone has a great summer! Online learning videos and the daily challenges from the library will be available through June 30!

Weekly Update 4/20-4/24

Find our what our friends notice about insects: What We Notice About Insects?


Wyatt helped celebrate his brothers birthday at home and helped decorate their sidewalk/driveway with things that would make people smile!

Channer worked on a craft from his church!

Emberlyn has been spending a lot of time outside enjoying the nice weather!

Maggie has been busy this week! She spent time outside in all the different weather, completed lots of crafts, and made smoothies!


I put together a document with songs from our classroom — you can find it here:

Songs from the classroom!

Let me know if your child has any other requests and I will try to find them and add them to the document 🙂

Find out what your friends know about insects! What we know about insects

Look at the additional resources for preschool!  Additional Books/Resources for Preschool

Channer has been doing puzzles and has been able to spend some time outside!

Maggie has been doing some creative dress up and imaginative play!

Wyatt and his brother did a Lego challenge!

Ella got a new bike for Easter! She has been spending some time learning how to ride.




Weekly Update 4/6-4/9

Maggie wrote her name with chalk and then practiced walking her letters on Monday!

Ms Ginger wanted to say “Hi!” to all our preschool friends and let them know that she misses them!

Emberlyn got to spend some time in the sunshine and open up eggs with her brother!



Brystol has been keeping busy by playing outside, doing art projects, and practicing her name!

Kalen enjoyed some time in the sun, spent some time doing the matching lids activity, and got his teeth cleaned!

March 30-April 3

I will be uploading pictures here that families send me each week. That way your kiddos can continue to connect with their friends even though they cannot physically be together!


Continue to send me pictures so that I can share them with the class!

Keep an eye on your email today as I will be sending important information regarding our next phase of learning. 


Weekly Update 3/2-3/6

This week we continued our discussion about balls and got to explore various ways to use them. We used exercise balls, marbles, jacks, and tried to bowl using different sized balls. We also had a special visitor come read to us on Thursday to celebrate Read Across America Week!

During small group, the students practiced their memory skills by matching ball pictures, made shapes with geoboards, and used beads to make patterns.

Our social emotional curriculum reviewed the touching rule and ways to stay safe as well as the safety rules that we learned at the beginning of the year. Ask your child if they can remember our rules and ways to stay safe!


March 9-13 — No School (Spring Break)

March 27 — Family Socialization at Kloefkorn Fun Night

Weekly Update 2/24-2/8

This week we talked about what makes balls move and who uses balls. We got to experiment with water and got to go to the gym to practice how to use a variety of balls (basketball, volleyball, soccer ball, etc.).

In our small groups this week students practiced making their name with magnets, used straws to try to blow different balls on the table and carpet, and worked on their recall skills by playing the game What’s Missing? This game is easy to play at home and can be done very quickly. You find 3-5 items, show them to your child, put a blanket on top, take 1-3 items away and see if they can tell you what’s missing! It’s a great way to practice memory and recall skills.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on how to invite friends to play and how to join friends in their play. We talked about how students could give a play idea to a group of friends or ask to join or help them with what they are already playing. We also talked about how to be kind to all friends all of the time in the classroom. Take some time to talk to your child about kind words and actions that they can display in the preschool classroom.


March 3 & 5 — Parent Teacher Conferences

March 9-13 — No School (Spring Break)

Weekly Update 2/18-2/21

This week we continued to experiment with balls and tried to answer the question, do all balls roll? The students had the opportunity to test that theory with various types of balls and practiced working in partners.

In small groups this week students practiced making 3-D shapes with playdoh, used ramps to see which balls rolled faster than others, and explored environmental print and got to make their own sign.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on how to appropriately invite a friend to play and how friends feel when they are included in play.


February 25 — No School (PLC)

March 3 & 5 — Parent Teacher Conferences

March 9-13 — No School (Spring Break)

Weekly Update 2/10-2/14

This week we continued our Balls Study and explored various sizes and types of balls and started exploring whether or not all balls bounce.

During small groups, students practiced their guessing and counting skills, how to tally, and got to bounce balls and count how many times they bounced.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on our fair ways to play in the classroom. We talked about how students can play together, trade, and take turns with materials.


February 17 — No School (Plan day)

February 25 — No School (PLC)

March 3 & 5 — Parent Teacher Conferences