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Popular DSLR Camera Lenses

Sigma 10mm

Sigma 10mm

LINK: The Most Popular and Favorite DSLR Lenses

Most folks know that I am a photographer by avocation. I have an evening/weekend landscape photography business. I also have a strong opinion when it comes to camera technology, which is; if you already have a digital SLR camera, you probably DO NOT need a newer digital DSLR camera. Canon, Nikon and the other majors always come out with a better one than yours once a year like clockwork. However, if you are itching to spend the $600-$2000 that a brand new DSLR will set you back, you would be better served to spend that money on a new camera LENS than a new camera BODY.

The quality of a picture is generally determined by three things, the camera, the operator, and the lens. In my opinion, it breaks down a lot like this:

IMAGE QUALITY = (camera 25%)+(lens 25%)+(operator 50%)

Yet, few people ever consider new lenses unless they are really photo “geeks.” This year, stop and consider a new lens. You will be shocked by the difference it can make in your images, both technically as well as in your practice of shooting the images.

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