Week 2 Done! Beginning of the year/Listening

Hello Families,

We rocked week 2! Way to go!!! This week we talked about what we should do if we get scared at school. We showed students where our calm down area is and how to use this area. We also discussed different feelings we might have at school and who they can go to get help if they are having uncomfortable feelings. We also introduced our super hero badges. Students can get a super hero badge when they are safe, respectful or responsible. They get to wear the badge and get their picture taken with it and then they trade it at the end of the day for a bracelet to wear home so they can tell you about their badge. We will post these pictures in the google photo albums for you all to see. Check out the pictures on the photos page.

This week in Second Steps we worked on practicing our listening skills. Our eyes are watching, ears are listening, voices are quiet and bodies are calm. Have your child sing the listening rules song for you! Below is the home link that you can use to help continue learning at home.

Unit 1 Week 2 Listening

This week we were given some valuable information about helping families through hardships that are more prevalent during these hard times. If you are feeling your family needs anything right now there is a wonderful resource that the City of Lincoln has created. You can go to MyLNK and find so many resources that you may not know that you have access to.  Take some time to check it out and share if you know someone who could benefit from this resource.

Yesterday in school, students should have brought home Thursday Folders for the first time. These will come home on Thursday’s when there is important information form the classroom, school or district. They may not come home every Thursday as most communication is sent home digitally now. We checked out our first Library books today. Students can keep these for one week and then bring back on Friday’s with their Thursday Folders so they can check out a new book.

Some reminders (homework)…

  • Sign up for September Home Visits (see home visit sign ups at top of page)
  • Scholastic book orders are due September 10th (remote learners are welcome to order as well, you will just pick books up from Pyrtle office once they arrive. Use the link on the side of the page with the appropriate teachers code.) 
  • Complete the self-help survey for your child. 

Thank you for all that you do to help your child learn and grow with us!!!

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie


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