Welcome to Summer!

Hello Families,

Wow, what a year! You have all been so amazing through this trying time and starting a new way to educate your child. We are proud of each of you, parents and students alike. You’ve worked hard and now deserve to take some time to relax and enjoy your summer break.

We are making a graduation video since we were not able to have our normal graduation celebration. Look for this to come in an email next week sometime. We would love for you to have your child say goodby to their friends in a short video. You can take a short video (less than 30 sec) and add it to the remote learning google photos. If your child does not want to say anything they can just smile and wave bye or do a little dance. We need these by Sunday, May 24th to add to the graduation video. If you would like a nice picture as their graduation picture you can add that to the album as well. We would also like to encourage you to continue to add photos to our albums over the summer, so we can keep up with your adventures. We will add some photos of what we are doing over the summer too.  

Mrs. Losey’s Preschool Remote Learning Adventures Photos          

Ms. Jamie’s Preschool Remote Learning Adventures Photos 

Many families have expressed nervousness about going into the summer and wanting some extra activities to help with the cabin fever. We have made a summer engagement packet that is full of activities and ideas for the summer months. This is definitely not required but an extra supplement to bring into all your other wonderful activities you will be doing this summer. 

Summer Engagement Ideas

We will still be able to respond by email if you need anything this summer, it just might be a little slower than normal. Please be looking for any emails from LPS that will let you know how we are planning to start school in the fall. They will send updates as they have them. You student can also send letters to Pyrtle and we will see them when we are able to get back to the school again. Our principal checks our mail for us once a week and sends pictures of anything that comes for us. We will now have a voicemail attached to our school phone numbers, so you can leave a message for us as well. 

You will still be able to use Konstella to contact peers in the classroom for a while. The PTO will be trying to close accounts for families that will no longer be at Pyrtle next year over the summer. Now would be a great time to use it and save the contact information you would like. There might be an opportunity set up by a parent for a classroom zoom after the school year is finished for friends to say farewell. 

We are sad that this is the way we are ending this year, but are so proud of you all! Here is a final read aloud for the year, I Knew You Could. We would normally read this during the last week of school. We wish you the best summer break and good luck if you are starting new adventures at new schools next year. You will be amazing! 

Ms. Jamie and Mrs. Losey 

(402) 458-3100

Mrs. Losey:  extension 92439

Ms. Jamie: extension 92374

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