Week 5 Done… Two More Weeks!

Hello Families,

Two more weeks left of remote learning. You can do it, we believe in you! Remember to look at the WEEK AT A GLANCE document as a one stop shop to find supplemental learning, play ideas, and other various resources. We will update this on Sunday. A helpful tip is to add the document to your favorites so you can refer back to it at a later time. 

We are excited for our Flat Stanley read aloud. Ms. Jamie and Mrs. Losey worked hard on making a special read aloud and surprise for you. Be on the lookout for the special surprise. Click HERE for the Flat Stanley read aloud by Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie.

Just a friendly reminder that you can still sign up on Konstella. This is a great opportunity to talk with other parents in your child’s class through the chat feature or by messaging them directly. You might even be able to set up a virtual play date. 🙂

How to Sign Up With Konstella.com

We love seeing your student’s learning through our photo album. It brightens our day to see how much each student is learning and exploring the world around them. Keep adding those pictures, especially when that special surprise comes your students way. 😉

Mrs. Losey’s Preschool Remote Learning Adventures Photos          

Ms. Jamie’s Preschool Remote Learning Adventures Photos 

There are two weeks left and then it’s summer. We know that this can oftentimes bring anxiety about how to make it through the days and keep children engaged, especially with the uncertainty of our community right now. Knowing this Mrs. Losey, Ms. Jessica, and Ms. Jamie will be working on a summer packet that will hopefully offer you some great ideas, resources, and tools to use over the next two months until school starts in the fall (Fingers crossed we will return to in school learning). We should have this available for you by the end of the school year. 

As always, we enjoy seeing you all through zoom or chatting on the phone or email but we’d much rather be seeing everyone in person and giving big hugs and high fives each day. We miss you all and hope you are staying healthy and safe.

Ms. Jamie and Mrs. Losey

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