Remote Learning Week 4 DONE

Hello Families, 

Another week of remote learning done. You are all rocking it! Keep up the great work! We hope that you have found our WEEK AT A GLANCE document helpful when planning your students learning. We will be updating this document with new play ideas, supplemental learning and the write up of daily lessons every Sunday. If you add this document to your favorites it is a wonderful resource to come back to if you are looking for a one stop shop. 

We continue to see families signing up with Konstella to connect with one another. It is wonderful to read the chat feed and that you all have the ability to connect with friends even though we are not in school. What a wonderful way to find and talk to friends, if only through video. 

How to Sign Up With

We have also enjoyed seeing all the pictures in our classroom photo albums. It is so fun to see pictures and comments added through the week of your learning and play. Please continue to add these to help us stay connected, they bring us so much joy! 

Mrs. Losey’s Preschool Remote Learning Adventures Photos          

Ms. Jamie’s Preschool Remote Learning Adventures Photos

We miss you all dearly and hope that you are happy and healthy. We can’t wait to connect with you each week and see how things have been going. If you have any questions or celebrations, please contact us at any time. We are available through email, weekly visits and phone. Below is our phone number and extensions again if you need us. 

(402) 458-3100

Mrs. Losey:  extension 92439

Ms. Jamie: extension 92374

Thank you for all you are doing to help your child learn and grow. You are amazing! 

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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