What Special Clothes do People Wear and Managing Anger

Hello Families,

This week in Creative Curriculum we continued our discussion about what special clothes people wear to work and then we extended into thinking about what special clothes people wear to other celebrations. On Monday we talked about what we want to be when we grow up and what special clothes we would need for that job. Students drew themselves in that position and we made it into a quilt to hang in our classroom. We will have this on display at our fashion show on the 10th. We also talked about special events that people might wear special clothes to like a graduation or wedding. We looked at some pictures taken at special events and talked about the special clothes people were wearing. Students were then able to talk to their peers about a special event they went to and wore special clothing.

In small groups this week students finished sewing their clothes. We practiced how to sew first with lacing cards and then we all got a turn on pushing the pedal on the sewing machine with close supervision. THANK YOU to the volunteers who made this possible. We had several volunteers come and sew the clothes most of the way so that students could just finish them up a little. They all fit, yay!!! Thank you to those that donated fabric for this as well. Please take some time to visit the photos page to see some of their clothing. In another small group, students practiced letter sounds with the game “jumping beans”. They drew cards out of a container and they had to say the sound of the letter. If they drew the jumping bean they all got to jump. In the last small group, students played a math game with button on Pete the Cat. They got to follow along with the story and solve the math problems. Then students made up their own story problems with Pete and his buttons.

In Second Steps we have covered what to do when we are having strong feelings like anger. We have learned all the calm down strategies now; put my hands on my tummy. say stop, name my feeling and belly breathe. We practiced these skills with our friends and puppets (Gertie and Juan Pablo). It is okay to be angry, but it is not okay to be hurtful with our bodies or our words. Below is the home links for these lessons. Please take some time to practice these skills at home as well.

Managing Anger


  • We will be starting our home visits this coming week. If you are returning to preschool next year we will be having you fill out the returning paperwork. We will be bringing our recipe page for all families to fill out. Please be thinking of a family recipe that you would like to share. We are looking forward to seeing you and talking about how you are dong on your goals.
  • The fashion show and Multicultural night are approaching fast. We hope that you can all attend to see how hard your students have been working. We will help them put on their clothes they made and we will be walking the runway to our favorite music. We are also looking forward to sampling your favorite family recipes after the show. We would love if you are able to make and bring your favorite recipe, but we understand that not all families will have the time or resources to do this. Please still come, even if you are unable to bring food! We want to celebrate your students learning more than anything else!
  • We will be having our Valentine’s day parties on February 14th this year. For these parties we will be passing our valentines. We have a parent that has volunteered to make boxes for each of our students to decorate and receive their Valentines. We cannot have any food come into the school for the party. If there is a treat attached to the Valentine that is okay. We will be sending those home and you can decide what your student is able to eat there. We will be doing a fun STEM activity during this party as well. Parents are welcome to attend and encouraged to come help pass our Valentines. Party times are as follows…

AM Valentines Party: 9:00-9:30

PM Valentines Party: 1:00-1:30


Thank you for all you do for our class and your student!!! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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