Kindness-Special Clothes People Wear-Managing Disappointment

Happy Friday Families,

We’re happy that everyone has been safe during this crazy weather week. Hopefully we have no more ice and can enjoy what is left of winter. 🙂

This week we took some time to talk about being kind to our friends and what special clothes people wear during large group. On Tuesday we read a book called Should I share my ice cream? We talked about if the characters, piggy and elephant, were being good friends. We used our senses by feeling cotton balls and sandpaper. As we touched each we discussed how our words and actions are like cotton balls or sandpaper. Sandpaper words and actions hurt us, they our rough, and scratch our feelings. However cotton ball words and actions are soft and make us happy. We reinforced this idea on Thursday by playing the compliment game. Each student got to give their neighbor a compliment. We discussed compliments make use feel good. Compliments can be “I like your hair” or “I like how you drew that picture”. We were very proud of all the students for being kind friends during this game. Students can also do shout-outs to their friends when they are using their cotton ball words and actions. Any reinforcement you can do at home with this, would be appreciated. On Wednesday and Friday we discussed the special clothes people wear to work, we even had a visitor from Arthur’s (morning class) dad who showed us his uniform. He is a police officer for the US Air Force. Thank you for showing our classes your uniform and talking about what the significance of the different parts on the jacket. Check out the pictures!

In second steps, we reviewed skills from last week by practicing how to calm down and name our feelings. We then learned about managing disappointment. We discussed that sometimes we get what we want and other times we don’t. We said when we do not get what we want, we may feel disappointed. We added a new step to our calm down strategy. This new step is belly breathing. We talk about breathing in through your nose (smell the flower) and breathing out through your mouth (blow out the candle). Please look at the home link letters to see how you can discuss this at home as well.

Unit 3 Week 16 Managing Disappointment

In small group, students played a memory game with pictures of clothing items. Students also learned more about alliteration. Alliteration is words that start with the same sound. For example, Baby Bumble Bee. In the last small group, students practiced cutting after be measured for their article of clothing they are making for the fashion show. Next week we get to sew the clothing! 🙂

As always, thank you for all you do to support your students and the classroom.

-Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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