How is Cloth Made and Strong Feelings

Hello Families,

Happy Snow Day! We hope you all are staying safe and warm at home toady. Today is a good reminder that your student is welcome to bring snow boots to school to play in snow but to please also bring another pair of shoes to change into so water is not tracked around the school and classroom. Also we ask that snow pants/suits are not worn as this takes lots of time to put on.

During our clothing study in large group this week, we talked about how cloth is made. Ms. Jamie demonstrated how she makes blankets and other items by crocheting for both classes. She also showed the students knitting needles and others tools needed to do both (scissors, tape measure, needle, etc.). The students asked lots of thoughtful questions and really enjoyed feeling the soft yarn Ms. Jamie uses. Check out the photos in the clothing study albums. We also talked about how we can weave to make cloth. We demonstrated weaving with our bodies first and then with a loom and some paper strips. Students get to practice weaving with the loom during choice time in the toy’s center.

In small group this week, students practiced some more weaving by using play-doh. Students had to roll two colors of play-doh flat and cut it into strips. Next they took the play-doh and weaved them together. It took lots of patience but the students had a blast. Students also worked on counting and quantifying with buttons. Buttons were hidden in sand and the students had to find them and count them. After they counted the buttons, they compared the quantities of their friends buttons. In the third small group, students looked at their clothes. We examined the colors and patterns. We then talked about how we are going to make clothes for the fashion shows. Students then decided what article of clothing they want to make and designed it. Next week we will be choosing our fabric and cutting it out. Thank you for all the fabric donations!!!

In Second Steps, we talked about having strong feelings and how we can calm our bodies when those feelings arise. Strong feelings are frustrated, worried, angry, etc. Students learned that when they have a strong feeling, they can put their hands on their tummy, say “stop”, and then name their feeling (i.e. “I am frustrated”). We discussed that it is ok to have strong feelings but using our hands or words negatively is never ok. Instead we can use our calm down strategies to keep everyone safe.¬†Please look at the home link letters to see how you can discuss this at home as well.

Unit 3 Week 14 Strong Feelings

Unit 3 Week 15 Naming Feelings

Last, a quick reminder that there is no school on Monday due to Martin Luther King day and February 10th from 5-7pm is our Multicultural Night/Fashion Show. Enjoy your extended weekend and we will see everyone on Tuesday January 21st.

Thank you for all you do,

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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