Welcome Back and Worried feelings

Hello Families,

This week we went back and reviewed all the rules of our classroom and school. We discussed how to be safe, respectful and responsible during all parts of our day. We reviewed what our bodies look like when they are ready to learn and what our hands can do to be safe. We also practiced following directions right away and exactly. To help us practice following directions we practiced zipping up our coats this week. You can encourage your student to continue practicing this at home as well.

In small groups this week, students practiced their positional words while moving through obstacles. The moved around a boulder, over the mountain, through the canyon, across the river and into the lake. In another small group students sorted socks by their color and size. In the last group students played musical chairs. They practiced being a good sport and saying good game.

In Second Steps this week we covered Feelings in Our Body. We talked about how our body can feel different when we are having worried feelings. Our heart rate might be a little faster, we might breathe a little faster and our tummies might feel funny. When we have worried feelings we can ask an adult to help us feel better. Please look at the home link letter to see how you can discuss this at home as well.

We Feel Feelings in Our Bodies


  • Sign up for February home visits if you have not done so already.
  • Send in fabric if you are able for our fashion show. I went to Walmart and was able to pick up several pre-cut clearance pieces that were $2 for 2 yards.
  • Our next social will be on Monday February 10th. (The invitation home was printed wrong and said Friday February 10th, sorry for the confusion).

Thank you for everything you do for our classrooms and our kiddos!

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie


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