Have A Wonderful Winter Break!

Hello Families,

What a wonderful week we had! We have been talking more about making clothes. Mrs. Losey showed us how we can use a sewing machine to make pillows this week. We are starting to think about what we will need to make our clothes for the fashion show. We have talked about how to put fabric together and some of the tools that we need to make clothes. We are still in need of some fabric to make clothes with students when they return. We will be starting to sketch out clothing and the we will begin putting them together. If you are able to stop over the break and grab a yard or 2 of fabric, that would be greatly appreciated.

In small groups this week we had some fun making gifts for you all. Students made crystal snowflakes by mixing a solution of hot water and borax. We made some puffy snowmen using shaving cream and glue. We practiced writing our name on this project. Students are getting so good at name writing! We also decorated our gift bags to put these in. We hope you enjoy their hard work and creativity!

Students should have brought home a gift from teachers as well. There is a book in their bags that we encourage you to read with them. Spending time reading with your child is one of the best predictors of reading success. Enjoy some time together!

This week we review he dafe touching and the touching rule. We talked about what a safe touch is and practiced what to do if someone is using unsafe touches. We also practiced naming all our body parts and read a book about what to do if someone tries to break the touching rule (A person should not touch my private body parts accept to keep me clean and healthy). We discussed putting up our red flag in unsafe situation and making sure to tell a safe person. This is such an important skill for all our students. If you have not taken the time to read our last family letter please take a little time to do this. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep our kiddos safe.

We hope you all have a wonderful winter break and get to spend a lot of time with loved ones! Enjoy you time with family and we will see you next year.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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