How do we take care of clothes and the safe touching rule

Hello Families,

We have had a fun filled week learning about how to take care of clothes. We have discussed which soaps might work best to get clothes clean and where we wash clothes. We watched a video about going to the laundry mat and what you do there. Students got to look at which soap would make the best bubbles in water. We noticed that liquid laundry soap made better bubbles that the powder and the bar soap. Today we started talking about how people design clothes and we looked at what we had on our shirts. We got to share our ideas for a shirt design with our friends.

In our Child Protection Unit this week we learned about the touching rule. This rule is; A person should never touch my private parts accept to keep me clean and healthy. We talked about what our private body parts are (the parts under our bathing suit). We used the anatomically correct words for these parts. We want students to be able to tell when something happens to their privates like they would hurting their elbow or knee. We talked about boys private parts being their bottom and penis and girls parts are their breasts, vagina and bottom. Please see the home link below on how to continue this discussion at home. The story about Tanis is her cousin tried to touch her private parts while they were under a blanket together watching a movie. She is telling her dad about it in the picture. Included also below is the second family letter in our Child Protection Unit. This has some useful information about this curriculum and why it is so important. It also gives you a way to access more resources to help you continue to build your students safety awareness.

Family Letter 2 for Child Protection Unit

The Touching Rule Home Link

In our small groups this week students worked on some math skills. We worked on connecting numerals to quantities with buttons. Students counted buttons to match a number card that they drew. We also worked on our counting skills. Students got to make bead bracelets and count how many beads they put on them. Ask your student to show you their beautiful bracelet and have them count the beads with you. Students made some fun snow slime in another small group. They had to follow a recipe and understand where to start reading the recipe (at the top-left). They also had to measure the ingredients (starch, glue and artificial snow). This was so much fun! Today we started some fun Friday small groups. We had a snowball fight with some soft snowballs, went ice skating on wax paper and made shapes out of our bodies.

Thank you to those families who have donated to our clothing study. We are looking forward to making our clothes for the fashion show!

Reminder** There is no school on Tuesday December 17th for PLC day and then our Winter break will be from December 22nd-January 6th. Students will return to school on January 7th.

Thank you for all you do! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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