Goodbye Ms. Sydney, Accidents and Caring and Helping

Hello Families,

What a fun week we have had coming back from Thanksgiving break. We have been learning so much about clothes to get ready for our fashion show. This week we discussed how the features of clothes. We noticed that some clothes are smaller and some are larger and we can measure to figure out how big they might need to be. We looked at our tags to see if we had numbers or letters to tell the size. We even talked about the shapes that we see on clothes and got to draw a shirt that we would like to wear in our journals. Today we got to tell our friends something that helps keep our clothes on our bodies like; buttons, tie strings, zippers and elastic. We are learning so much about clothes!

We would like to ask for any donations you are able to provide for our upcoming fashion show. We are in need of fabric. This can be anywhere from 1-2 yards of the cheapest fabric you can find. They usually have some on clearance at the fabric store and even at Walmart. We would also like some fabric glue if anyone is able to donate. Anything you are able to help us out with will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for all you do!!!


In Second Steps last week we covered Accidents and Caring and Helping. We discussed that everyone has accidents sometimes and that we just need to see how we can help fix them. We should let the other person know it was an accident by saying, “I didn’t mean to. Are you okay?” We also discussed that helping is a way to show someone you care. We can do this by listening to the other person and then helping them. We are really practicing this in our classrooms lately. We earn emojis for our large classroom chart so we can have celebrations like popcorn parties or dance parties. Below you will find the home links for these lessons.


Caring and Helping

In small groups this week students worked on shape ID. Here are the shapes that we covered if you would like to practice more on these at home; circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond/rhombus, heart, star, hexagon, trapezoid, sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid. We found these shapes hidden in fabric. We also practiced making tally marks to count the different types of clothes that we had in our small group. This was a new concept for our students. In our last small group we practiced using our measuring skills to start thinking about how big we will have to make our clothes for the fashion show. We measure ourselves with yarn and compared our sizes to the other students in the classroom. So much fun and learning!

Today we also said goodbye to Ms. Sydney. She has finished her student teaching with us and is going to start teaching her own students. She is sad to be leaving us, but also excited to use all she has learned to help more students. We took a picture with her and the classrooms to help the students remember her. See below for some great pictures. Thank you for helping us learn and grow Ms. Sydney, you will be missed and remembered fondly by all out students.


Thanks for all you do! If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie


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