Starting the Clothing Study; Safe and Unsafe Touches.


Hello Families,

Sorry we missed last weeks update. We will include information from last week and today. Last week we started the clothing study. We started exploring different types of clothes and why people might were different types. We looked at our own clothes and compared them to our friends. Today we started talking about clothing being different sizes. I tried to put on a shirt that was way to small and students thought it was pretty funny. We looked for tags in our friends shirts and for sizes in our shoes. We found our that clothes can have numbers or letters to say what size they are. We have been having so much fun playing in our dramatic play area. It was turned into a laundromat. Your students would love to help you with the laundry I’m sure.

In small group last week students practiced hanging clothes on hangers and folding clothes. They practiced following directions exactly in this group. In another small group students practiced jumping syllables in some words. They are working on hearing the syllables in words and later will be able to break apart words into beginning and ending sounds (onset and rime) and finally break words apart and isolate each sound (cat-1 syllable, /c//at/ -onset and rime, /c/ /a/ /t/ -sound isolation). In the final small group students practiced retelling a story. We read Five Flying Turkey’s and then used pictures to help retell the story and sequence the story. When you are reading with your student at home you can help them retell details from the story after. Details like; who was in the story (characters), what happened (sequencing), was there a problem, and how did they solve the problem. You can talk about what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Your student brought home a colorful bag today that had several books in it that our school collected to help them with beginning literacy skills. The books are for students to keep. What a generous donation our Pyrtle families made for our preschoolers. K-Kids is an after school program made up of our 4th and 5th graders that started the book drive and separated the books into each bag. We hope you enjoy reading these books with your student!

In our Child Protection Unit last week we started talking about safe and unsafe touches. We covered what a safe touch was (a touch that makes us feel special and loved) and an unsafe touch (a touch that hurts our body or our feelings). We also talked about what to do if they see adults giving unsafe touches. Students are to go to a safe place and them call for help if they are scared. We talked about the emergency number (911) to call and when it was okay to call and not okay to call. Attached below is the parent link for you to continue practicing these skills at home.

Safe and Unsafe Touches

Please take some time to read this article about the affects of screen time on your student. Such important information for parents to have about brain development in young children! CLICK HERE for article.

Thank you so much for welcoming us into your homes for our second round of home visits. We enjoyed getting to see you all again. If you have any questions to follow up with after these visits, please let us know. We will be working on any accommodations for your families that we discussed at out home visits over the next few weeks and hope to have them to you before Winter break.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your some time with family and friends. Check out the photos page for some fun pictures from our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving celebration today. We are happy some of you were able to join us today.    🙂

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie


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