How Trees Change and More Feelings

Hello Families,

This week in our tree study we looked at how trees change. We compared how we grow to how a tree grows and what we need to what a tree needs. We figured out that trees are living things and that they need air, water, sun light and they grow. We learned the vocabulary word damage and discussed what can damage a tree with or classmates. Things such as people, lightning, wind and flood can damage trees. Today we started talking about what we can do with tree parts. We said tree parts are wood and then we sorted items that were wood and not wood. We are so excited about all the wonderful things we have been learning about trees. Next week will be our final week in the tree study and then we will be moving on to the clothing study.

In small groups this week we practice our letters in our name using stamps. Students should have brought these home during the week. The green letters are in their names and red are not. Another small group we worked on quantifying with apples. Students rolled a dice 2 times and got to stamp that number of apples one in green and the other red using real apples and paint. Then they counted how many red and green apples they had all together. Students also practiced their measuring skills in a small group. They looked at tree parts and then sorted them. They ordered them from smallest to biggest and then using non-standard tools to measure how long they items were. Today in small groups we practiced our balancing, traveling and gross motor skills. Students got to travel along a tape path in different ways, throw a yarn ball at the wall while stepping and throwing overhand, and balancing their body in different ways as moved through a forest (water bottles).

For second steps this week we talked about what our face looks like when we are surprised, scared, and angry.  We talked about looking at what’s happening to find out why someone might be feeling a certain way. Take a look at the home link letters to help support your students learning at home.

Unit 2 Week 8 More Feelings

Unit 2 Week 9 Identifying Anger

Thanks for all you do! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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