Red Ribbon Week

Hello Families,

We had a wonderful week with our themed days while talking about drug and alcohol awareness. This week in our Child Protection Curriculum we covered the “always ask first rule”. Your student should be able to tell you this rule. It states, “Always ask a parent or bigger person in charge first.” We talked about how this applies to accepting things from others or leaving an area with someone. We practiced this rule in small group. Students were shown a picture of a stranger and then asked if they wanted a toy or candy. They used their safety rules (Stop and think, what’s the rule, is it safe. Say words that mean no. Tell a grown up.)in this situation. Students told the stranger no and then told the adult. We also covered unsafe substances like drugs and alcohol. We talked about how they can make it harder for our brain to think and that it is important to only put good things in our bodies. We read the book, “Mother Bunny and the Bad Plant” This is a great time for you to review at home what is safe and not safe for your students at home and when they should use the “always ask first rule”.

Always Ask First Rule Home Link

In our other two small groups students got to play with their names. In one group they sang a name poem and practiced writing the letters in their names and their friends names. In the other small group students tried to guess who’s name was hidden in an envelope when one letter at a time was revealed. Then they decided if they had that letter in their name. Students sorted these letter using magnets for letters in their name and not in their name.

In our Tree Study this week we got to have a visitor come into the classroom and talk about how they help take care of trees. Mr. Carson came in on Monday to both classes. He told us about some of the tools that he uses to take care of trees and showed us some cool tree parts. Thank you Mr. Carson for sharing your time with us and helping us learn! We also got to transplant our small trees this week. Every student got to put a spoonful of dirt into the pot and we looked at the roots as we were moving it. We are so excited to be taking care of a tree. We also started to talk about how tree change. We started this by talking about how students have changed from when they were a baby. Students compared how big they are now to how big they were then and we used blocks to think about how big they will be when they are adults.

You should have received your students report card in their backpacks on Thursday. There is a letter in there about how to read the report. If you have any questions about these reports please let us know. We can also talk about them when we come to your homes in the next few weeks. We are looking forward to starting our home visits next week!

We would like to remind you that we will be celebrating our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving this coming month on Monday the 25th. We would love for you to come join us if you are able. We will be watching the movie and eating a Charlie Brown themed snack. The AM class will be from 8:50-9:20 and the PM class will be from 3:10-3:45.

Thank you for all you do to help your student grow and learn with us.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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