Review, Review, Review :)

Hello Families,

We hope everyone had an awesome and relaxing fall break. We sure missed the kiddos. The students came back ready to learn. We spent much of our time reviewing expectations for the classroom, playground, and during different activities. We talked about how our hands and feet stay to ourselves and we use kind words to our friends. We reviewed ways to be safe, respectful, and responsible. To support this learning, please talk with your student about how they can be safe, respectful, and responsible in the home, community, and at school.


During small group this week, students made applesauce, working on problem solving skills by using our Solution Kit, and helped formulate rules for 3 centers in the classroom. Our Solution Kits provided students with the opportunity to independently solve a social problem. They can ask to trade a toy, play together, or wait and take turns. Or they can use a timer to be able to play with a toy or at a center. Cards are placed throughout the room to help students use them. We encourage them to show their friend the card and the friend is to say yes or ok when the Solution Kit is used, because this is an appropriate way to solve  a problem. The other student can grab a different card if they want to try something different. Here is a link to a copy of the Problem Solving Kit.


During our tree study this week, we talked more about what food can be found on trees and we began talking about who takes care of trees. Ms. Bailey took us on an adventure to an apple orchard during large group one day. She had students pick apples off of her tree and then she showed us how she peels and cores an apple. Next the students and Ms. Bailey made “apple pie” together. We wish we could make a real one but all the students enjoyed sampling a piece of apple. We also read and retold the story Henny Penny. Ask you students about what happened in the book and what Henny Penny and her friends did to solve the problem.


Next week is Red Ribbon Week (October 28November 1). Red Ribbon Week is encourages and talks about living a drug free lifestyle. Each day we wear different outfits to show our support for saying no to drugs. Below is what your student can wear each day, if you so choose. 

Monday:Peace & Hugs, Stay Drug Free! Wear Tie-Dye & Peace signs & bring a stuffed animal!


Wednesday: Give Drugs the Boot! Wear Cowboy/Cowgirl or Western Clothing!

Thursday: Team-Up Against Drugs! Wear your favorite sports/team shirt or jersey!

Friday: Show Good Character… Stay Drug Free! Dress as your favorite BOOK character & bring the title or the book!


  • No make-up or masks!
  • If it is too distracting from learning, kids might need to change clothing item.
  • School appropriate themes and logos only!
  • Have fun with the dress up days, but remember Pyrtle is a place to learn.
  • These fun days are to celebrate making smart choices & being drug free in our lives!


Also, November home visits are fast approaching. If you have not signed up, please go to the top of the website page and hover of Home Visit Sign Up’s. Click on AM or PM and then enter the password. Go to November and find a day and time that works best for your family.


Thank you for all you do.

-Ms. Jamie and Mrs. Losey

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