Feelings (happy, sad)… and Who Lives in Trees?

Hello Families,

What a fun short week. We hope your student has been coming home and talking about trees. This week we learned about who lives in trees and we started learning about what food comes from trees. It was interesting to talk about what creatures live in trees near us and others that we may only be able to see at the zoo in Nebraska. It has been interesting figuring out which food items we get from trees and what we might eat from them. We talked about some food comes from bushes or vines and those are other types of plants. We will be having fun next week using food that comes from trees.

**We are looking for anyone who might have 2 large rocks to donate. We will be having each class decorate one and place it near a tree. So, they need to be big enough for 20 preschoolers to sign them. Please email us if you have access to any. Thanks!**

In Second Steps we started talking about identifying feelings. We covered happy and sad feelings. We can look at a persons face and body for clues to see how they are feeling. We learned that when we are happy our faces (mouth, cheeks, eyebrows) go up and our eyes close a little.  We then talked about when we are sad our faces (mouth, cheeks, eyes) go down. You can help your students at home by talking about your feeling and theirs then pointing out how your faces look. Here is the home link letter:

Identifying Feelings

If you are interested in extending your students interest in our tree study there is a community event happening this weekend at Mohoney Park. This is in no way connected to LPS schools or our preschool program. We just read about this and thought some students might enjoy this event. Read below for the details…

“The public is invited to plant trees at 9 a.m., Saturday, October 19 in Mahoney Park, 70th and Fremont streets. The event is hosted by Lincoln Parks and Recreation and Earl May to celebrate Earl May’s 100th Anniversary and a donation of 29 trees by Earl May and the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum. Volunteers should meet in the south parking lot on the park drive loop closest to the playground. Shovels will be provided. Participants should wear gloves and closed-toe shoes, and may bring their own planting tools.”

We wish you a very relaxing and fun fall break! See you next Tuesday. Let us know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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