Week 2 – Tree Study

Hello Families,

This week we continued discussing what we know about trees and then what we want to learn about trees through out study. We then began looking at the different characteristics in trees. We learned that we can use our senses to find out more about trees. With the rainy weather this week, we were hindered on going outside to look at trees more in-depth. However, I am sure the weather will allow us to do so next week. We also learned the difference between evergreen trees and deciduous trees. Evergreen trees do not lose their leaves when the seasons change. However, deciduous trees have leaves fall as autumn comes.

In Second Steps this week we worked on saying what we need or want in a strong respectful voice. We coached students and practiced this skill throughout the week. Just below you will find the home link for you to practice this skill at home. We also reminded students about our LEAP skills to get a friends attention to ask for what they need and want. They tap a friends shoulder, say their name and then ask for what they want in a strong respectful voice.  

Asking for What You Need or Want

Thursday we had officer Chassidy from the Lincoln Police Department come and talk to our classes. She showed the students her tools she carries and talked about how she helps keep us safe. She also reviewed how we can be safe if we are lost or when we are mad/upset. Check out the photos!! Thank you Officer Chassidy!!!

Next week we start our Child Protection Unit. We will learn about how to stay safe, fire safety, dog and knife safety, and getting found. We will also have firefighters visiting on Wednesday to talk to us about how they keep us safe. We hope that the weather permits us to look at the firetruck!

Tuesday (10/8) and Thursday (10/10) is Parent-Teacher Conferences. Those that signed up to meet with Ms. Jessica (resource) and Ms. Bailey (SLP), will have 15 minutes to talk with them about how your student are doing in class and their progress towards their goals. All families are welcome and encouraged to come participate in a little fall fun. We will have pumpkins for each preschooler to paint. If a sibling wants to bring a pumpkin to paint they are welcome to do so. We will also have a small art project that siblings or preschoolers can do while there. Please pick either day (whatever day works best in your schedule) to come for as long as you’d like. We will have materials available between 4 and 7pm on both days.  We’d love to see you on either Tuesday or Thursday. It’s also a great opportunity to see your students classroom.

Thanks for all you do!!

-Ms. Jamie, Mrs. Losey, and Ms. Sydney

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