Starting our Tree Study

Hello Families,

This week we started our trees study. The students have been really curious about the trees outside here at school. We have found many sticks, leaves, nuts and berries. We would love for you to add to our tree collection if you go on a tree hunt. We went on a tree hunt this week and took our journals outside with us to draw our observations. Students noticed the parts of threes and how tall they were. We have been talking about what we know about trees. Your students already know so much about trees. We can’t wait to see how much more they learn!

We covered following directions in our Second Steps lessons and reviewed what to do in a lockout drill. To follow directions we practice using our self-talk and say the direction again to help us remember what to do. Below is the home link so that you can practice these skills at home as well. A lockout is when we stay in our school, but all doors are locked on the outside. This might be used if there is something happening in our neighborhood. 

Following Directions

We are super excited that next Thursday we will be having a police officer visit our classrooms. They will talk about how to be safe and how they help our community.

We want to thank yo so much for welcoming us into your home for home visits. We look forward to them again in November. You can sign up for those visits on the tab above. Thank you for everything you do!

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Losey, Ms. Jamie and Ms. Sydney

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