Focusing Attention

Hello Families,

This week in the Beginning of the Year study we finished up talking about the rules at school and started talking about when things happen at school. We talked about what we can do with our hands at school and had Ms. Jessica talk to us about her hobbies while we practiced our listening rules on the carpet. We started talking about a clock and what we use a clock for. We also talked about our schedule of the day and what we do before and after each activity.

This week we worked really hard on focusing our attention and getting others attention. We used our “attentoscopes” to focus on one thing. You can read more about how to use those in the family letter from second steps below. We learned how to get someones attention by tapping them on the shoulder and saying their name. You might notice that your student starts to do this at home as well. We encourage you to praise them for practicing these skills.

Unit 1 Week 3 Focusing Attention

For small groups this week we worked on our problem solving skills by putting together puzzles, worked on spacial relationships by tossing a beanbag and labeling where it landed, and practiced our measurement skills by measuring with ribbons. Friday we did some fun large motor small groups. We practiced our gross motor movement with catching and throwing balloons, our balancing skills by dribbling (like soccer) a box in between lines and our traveling skills with ribbon dancing.

Picture day was a success on Friday. Students did a fabulous job of following directions and we were able to get them all to pose. 🙂

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for all you do!

Mrs. Losey, Ms Jamie and Ms. Sydney

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