Week 2… Off to a Great Start!!!

Hello Families,

We have been so busy this week. In our Creative Curriculum we have been talking about Names we need to know at school. We have learned the names of our friends, centers, rooms in the school and our school name. We sent home pictures in Thursday folders with their friends names, teaches and the centers. You can use this picture when talking with your student about what they did during the day. We just started talking about what to do if we get sad or scared at school. Today we sang the song There’s a Spider on the Floor when we talked about being scared. Students can look at their pictures of their families you sent if they are feeling sad or they can tell a teacher if something is scaring them.

In our Child Protection Curriculum we reviewed  our car seat and pedestrian lessons again that we taught at our initial home visits. The students have become experts at what do do when they need to cross the seat or get in a vehicle. We have also covered more rules of the classroom. We used this whole week to teach our centers and what we can do while playing in these centers. The common theme between all centers was having safe hands, sharing toys and cleaning up when they are done with toys.

If you have not done so already, please head over to the sign up sheets for our September home visits. We like to have these all scheduled so that we can plan ahead for materials and experiences.

Thank you so much for all you do to help your preschooler grow and learn!

Mrs. Losey, Ms. Jamie and Ms. Sydney

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