Almost There…

Hello Families,

Can you believe we have almost finished this school year? Wow we have learned so many things and made so many good friends along the way.

This last week we focused on what we can reuse. We got to make trash collages on Friday. I hope you enjoyed looking at these with your student. We went on a litter walk Monday and sorted what items were trash and what could be recycled. We wore gloves and checked our school yard. We were very happy to see that there was not much little to be picked up. Students were so observant though and found the smallest pieces of littler to help our Earth. We also had fun reusing our trash to make instruments. Check out the pictures on the photos page to see some of these fun activities.


We are looking forward to seeing you this Thursday for our end of year celebration. Here are the details you need to know…

Mrs. Losey AM times: 10:00-11:00 Celebration/Graduation; 11:00-11:30 Picnic

Ms. Jamie PM times: 12:30-1:00 Picnic; 2:45-3:45 Celebration/Graduation

  • Please enter through door 1 for celebration/graduation
  • We will provide lunch for students only at no cost for the picnic (families meet in the butterfly garden out front on the south side)
  • All family members are welcome to attend
  • Celebration will be in preschool classroom (139)
  • There will be limited seating you might have to stand
  • You can take as many pictures as you want 🙂
  • Students can dress comfortable or nice. We will take them outside before graduation for 30 minutes
  • We will be wearing graduation caps (think about hairstyle that will allow this)

Please let us know if you have any further questions

We want to send a special THANK YOU to those parents who have come in to help us get ready for the end of the year. You have saved us countless hours of work ourselves by volunteering your time to put portfolios together, clean toys and take down posters. Thank you to anyone who have come to volunteer this year and to all of you for partnering with us to help your student grow and learn!

Thank you again for all you do!

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie



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