Have a Wonderful Spring Break!

Hello Families,

This week we studied the characteristics of tubes and we also started talking about where we can find tubes. We talked about that tubes are usually hallow, round and can be open or closed on the ends. We explored many different types of tubes while we were talking about how they looked. Today we talked about the downspouts on a building and how they help move water away from the building through tubes. To do this we looked at funnels and talked about how they are larger circles that have a small tube at the end to help us move water into a smaller object. We used a funnel to move water from a large measuring cup into a small water bottle.

In Second Steps this week we reviewed Caring and Helping. We talked about how we can listen to our friends and then we are able to help them. We also read some books about being a good friend and being kind to each other. We have talking a lot about not being a bully, someone who hurts peoples feelings on purpose or physically hurts someone. We talked about telling an adult right away if this happens. Here is the home link to support caring and helping at home.

Caring and Helping

Please take some time to sign up for April Home Visits. If you student is returning to preschool next year please use the sign up that is titled April Home Visit sign-Ups. If your student is going to kindergarten next year please use the Kindergarten School Visit sign-up form. We are still currently waiting to hear back from Morley about dates and times. If you are a family attending Morley next year please wait to sign up until we send out another email. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

Parent teacher conferences are going to be rescheduled for the Thursday we come back from Spring break. This is March 21st. The time slots will remain the same for those days. Please let us know if you are not able to make those times work. You can check the sign up sheets on the link about for home visit sigh ups.

Please help us congratulate Ms. Jamie and welcome her new baby boy; Nolan Jace Hohensee was born on Sunday. Mom and baby are doing well and enjoying some snuggle time. Here is a picture for your enjoyment.

Ms. Kim is with us while Ms. Jamie is on leave. She is a retired teacher from Pyrtle and is doing an amazing job. I’m sure your students are coming home talking about her. 🙂 Also joining our team for a while is Ms. Tristan. She is Ms. Jessica’s student teacher from Peru State. She is excited to be working with our kiddos in both classes. Below is a picture of both our new team members!

Ms. Tristan                                                                          Ms Kim


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