Other simple machines, who works with them, and Valentine’s Day!!

Hello Families,

Wow what a busy week! We watched a few videos on simple machines, two about pulley’s and one about all simple machines with Bill Nye the Science Guy. The students enjoyed all. On Wednesday, we talked about complex machines and how the are made of two or more simple machines. On Thursday the afternoon class had Maven (Mrs. Losey’s son) visit and talk to us about the simple machines he built. He showed us his ballista, trebuchet, and catapult. In the morning class, Mrs. Losey showed the students the same simple machines and talked about them. Friday we had another special guest, Arthur’s dad Blake, from our morning class. He came and talked about how he used a dolly to move heavy items at work (complex machine). It was fun to see a dolly in action lifting our heavy blocks in the block center. Next week, we finish our simple machines study and start a new study: Tubes and Tunnels.

In Second Steps, we discussed how we can have fun with friends. We reminded ourselves of our three fair ways to play: trade, play together, and take turns. We talked about how it is fun to play with friends, especially when  we play together. Take a look at the home links below to see how you can support these skills at home.

Fair Ways to Play

Having Fun with Friends

Thank you to all the parents that came on Thursday to help with our Valentine’s day parties. It was fun to play games, have a snack, and pass out valentine cards to our friends. We, as always, appreciate everything you do for our classrooms. Also, a special thanks for helping us wrap the boxes for delivering our Valentines.

Yesterday in Thursday folders you should have received you students GOLD report card. Please let us know if you have any questions about it. Today in backpacks you will find a flyer for our next family socialization.  Literacy Night will be on Friday March 1st from 5-6pm in the preschool classroom. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Enjoy your weekend by staying safe and warm from the snowstorms we are getting.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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