Levers and Screws

Hello Families,

What a crazy short week! We hope you all stayed warm during all this cold weather. Here are some updates from the last 2 short weeks…

In Second Steps we have covered what to do when we are having strong feelings like disappointment or anger. We have learned all the calm down strategies now; put my hands on my tummy. say stop, name my feeling and belly breathe. We practiced these skills with our friends and puppets (Gertie and Juan Pablo). It is okay to be angry, but it is not okay to be hurtful with our bodies or our words. Below is the home links for these lessons. Please take some time to practice these skills at home as well.

Managing Disappointment

Managing Anger

In our Simple Machines study we have been talking about levers and starting to talk about screws. We learned the parts of a lever (lever and fulcrum), talked about different types of levers and what they are used for. We have looked at screws this week and talked about the parts of the screws (head and threads). We are talking about how screws hold things together, making work easier.

We are looking forward to starting our home visits in a few weeks. If you have not signed up please do so asap. Follow the link at the top of the page to sign up. If you are not able shoot us an email and we will fill it in for you.

We will be having our Valentines Parties Thursday February 14th. The AM class will start at 10:00, the PM class will start at 2:45. Feel free to join us for the festivities. We are still looking for volunteers to wrap boxes to put their Valentines in. If you are able to help you can send the letter back to school or email us. We will be gathering materials next week and are planning on sending boxes and paper home with students next Wednesday the 6th for the parents that Volunteered. We would would like to have them back by Friday or Monday at the latest. We will be decorating them on Monday the 11th.

Thank you for all you do!!! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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