Incline Planes

Hello Families, 

We hope you are enjoying the extra day at home. It is so pretty out there from the inside looking out! Here is an update about what we covered last week…

In our Simple Machines study we covered incline planes (a flat object that is higher on one end) this week. There are so many all over the place. We had some fun making our own incline planes in small group and seeing how the length and steepness of the plane affects movement on the incline plane. We talked about incline planes’s making moving objects easier and can be fun, like slides. We also discussed different textures that incline planes are made up and why. A waterslide is smooth to travel fast while a moving ramp is rough to give traction. We introduced the word friction during this part of the study. We hope your student is noticing incline planes all around them.

We had fun in our small groups this week as well. We made incline planes in one group, used simple machines to find buried shapes and used pictures to retell The Mitten. We buried shapes in the sand and used shovels, spoons and paint brushes to find them. Then discussed how these simple machines helped us find them easier. We had a blast retelling The Mitten by Jan Brett. We got to use pictures of the animals and put them all in the mitten.

In Second steps this week we covered strong feeling and naming our feelings. We are just beginning to cover what to do when we have strong feelings. The first step is to put our hands on our tummy and say “Stop”. We are telling our bodies to stop and calm down when we do this. We have already discussed that we have feelings in our bodies. The next step is to name the feeling we are having; “I feel _____.”. We talked about frustrated and worried feeling during these lessons. Please take a look at the home links below to see how you can support your child with these skills.

Strong Feelings

Naming Feelings

If you have not turned in your recipe yet, please take some time to fill it out. We will be putting theses all in a recipe book to send home with your child at the end of the year. It is a yummy keepsake. If you need another sheet please let us know or you can download another one here… Preschool recipes

Thank you for all you do! Please let us know if you have any questions,

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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