A New Year, A New Study

Hello Families,

We hope that you had a wonderful first week back! Thank you to all the families that were able to join us for Multicultural Night! We had so much fun socializing, eating, playing games and looking at all the hard work that went into constructing our buildings. There are some pictures on the photos page from this wonderful gathering. We cannot wait to try some of these recipes at home. Even if you were not able to make it, please fill out the recipe sheet and send it back with your student. We have told them it is their homework. We will be making a recipe book to send home with every student out of these. Please make sure your child has a recipe in this book. It is so much fun to look back  at these when they are older.

PLEASE sign up for February home visit if you have not done so already. 

In Second Steps this week we covered Feelings in Our Body. We talked about how our body can feel different when we are having worried feelings. Our heart rate might be a little faster, we might breathe a little faster and our tummies might feel funny. When we have worried feelings we can ask an adult to help us feel better. Please look at the home link letter to see how you can discuss this at home as well.

We Feel Feelings in Our Bodies

We are enjoying starting to learn about simple machines. We can not believe how many simple machines we use everyday! We use spoons, tongs, scissors and caps on bottles almost every day. These are all simple machines. Simple machines are anything that moves and object using less work with the use of our bodies. We have been talking about what we already know about simple machines and what we want to learn about them. We will be covering topics such as; how do incline planes help us move things, how are levers used, how do screws hold things together, and what are other types of simple machines? We are looking forward to experimenting with simple machines.

As always if you have any questions please let us know. Thank you for all you do!!!
Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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