Week of December 10th – 14th

Hello Families,

Sorry this is late again. Theses weeks before winter break are pretty busy! We have been working hard in the classroom to learn more about buildings. We had 2 visitor come last week and talk about what they do inside buildings. Roy came and talked to us about how he installs electricity into buildings and what we use electricity for. Ms. Deb from our office came and talked to us about how Pyrtle has changed since it was built. She showed us some pretty neat pictures about how the school looked when it was built in 1963. If you are ever interested, these pictures are hanging in the hallway by the cafeteria. We also finished our buildings. Students put the finishing touches on them. We cannot wait for you to see them at multicultural night on January 10th. They put the shingles on the roof, painted the exterior and hug some wall art up.

In our safety curriculum we continued to talk about the safe touching rule; “A person should never touch my private parts accept to keep me clean and healthy.” We practiced how to use the safety steps if someone breaks the touching rule; say words that mean no, get away and tell. We also talked about good secrets and bad secrets. It is never okay to keep a secret about someone breaking the touching rule. We also watched the video about Joey. You can look at last weeks post if you would like to watch this video again with your student. It is important that your child know they can tell you if someone tries to break this rule, so we encourage you to talk to them about this as well. We talked about our private parts being covered by our bathing suits and gave them the correct names (penis, bottom, vagina and breasts.) Please let us know if you need help talking about these things with your child.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for your child to be successful in preschool!

Head over to the photos page to see some updates in the Buildings Study folder.

Thank you,

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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