Ways to Stay Safe

This week was jammed pack full of fun! We learned more about trees and what animals live in trees. We learned about the two types of trees; deciduous and evergreen. Students loved talking about the deciduous trees and how they were “naked” when the leaves fall off. We looked for clues on trees to help us decide if an animal lived there. We also talked about how some creatures that live in trees can be helpful (ladybugs) and some can be harmful (aphids).

We had the fire fighters from Engine 12 come join us on Wednesday. They told us all about how they help keep us safe and how they keep themselves safe while fighting fires. The fire fighters showed us different tools they use and have on their rigs. They put on their gear so we could see how they look and sound different if they ever come into a building looking for us. We want to prevent students from being afraid of them if they ever need help. We also learned the difference between a fire engine and a fire truck. Fire engines have water and fire trucks have a ladder! Thanks Engine 12!!! Check out the pictures on the photos page.

In our Child Protection Unit (Safety curriculum) this week we learned some ways to stay safe (stop and think is it safe, what’s the rule, say words that mean no, tell a grown up). We learned about the always ask first rule, gun safety, fire safety, sharp object safety, dog safety, and what to do if the get lost. You can access the home link below to see how you can support these skills at home. We had a blast practicing asking first before we pet a stuffed dog on a leash.

Ways to Stay Safe

Thank you to all the families who came out and joined us to paint pumpkins. We had a blast seeing all their creative work. We took some great pictures of this event. Make sure to check out the photos page. Our next home visits will be starting in November. Please take some time to sign up through the link above for your students class.

Thank you for all you do and partnering with us to give your student the best preschool experience we can! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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Week 2 – Tree Study

Hello Families,

This week we continued discussing what we know about trees and then what we want to learn about trees through out study. We then began looking at the different characteristics in trees. We learned that we can use our senses to find out more about trees. With the rainy weather this week, we were hindered on going outside to look at trees more in-depth. However, I am sure the weather will allow us to do so next week. We also learned the difference between evergreen trees and deciduous trees. Evergreen trees do not lose their leaves when the seasons change. However, deciduous trees have leaves fall as autumn comes.

In Second Steps this week we worked on saying what we need or want in a strong respectful voice. We coached students and practiced this skill throughout the week. Just below you will find the home link for you to practice this skill at home. We also reminded students about our LEAP skills to get a friends attention to ask for what they need and want. They tap a friends shoulder, say their name and then ask for what they want in a strong respectful voice.  

Asking for What You Need or Want

Thursday we had officer Chassidy from the Lincoln Police Department come and talk to our classes. She showed the students her tools she carries and talked about how she helps keep us safe. She also reviewed how we can be safe if we are lost or when we are mad/upset. Check out the photos!! Thank you Officer Chassidy!!!

Next week we start our Child Protection Unit. We will learn about how to stay safe, fire safety, dog and knife safety, and getting found. We will also have firefighters visiting on Wednesday to talk to us about how they keep us safe. We hope that the weather permits us to look at the firetruck!

Tuesday (10/8) and Thursday (10/10) is Parent-Teacher Conferences. Those that signed up to meet with Ms. Jessica (resource) and Ms. Bailey (SLP), will have 15 minutes to talk with them about how your student are doing in class and their progress towards their goals. All families are welcome and encouraged to come participate in a little fall fun. We will have pumpkins for each preschooler to paint. If a sibling wants to bring a pumpkin to paint they are welcome to do so. We will also have a small art project that siblings or preschoolers can do while there. Please pick either day (whatever day works best in your schedule) to come for as long as you’d like. We will have materials available between 4 and 7pm on both days.  We’d love to see you on either Tuesday or Thursday. It’s also a great opportunity to see your students classroom.

Thanks for all you do!!

-Ms. Jamie, Mrs. Losey, and Ms. Sydney

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Starting our Tree Study

Hello Families,

This week we started our trees study. The students have been really curious about the trees outside here at school. We have found many sticks, leaves, nuts and berries. We would love for you to add to our tree collection if you go on a tree hunt. We went on a tree hunt this week and took our journals outside with us to draw our observations. Students noticed the parts of threes and how tall they were. We have been talking about what we know about trees. Your students already know so much about trees. We can’t wait to see how much more they learn!

We covered following directions in our Second Steps lessons and reviewed what to do in a lockout drill. To follow directions we practice using our self-talk and say the direction again to help us remember what to do. Below is the home link so that you can practice these skills at home as well. A lockout is when we stay in our school, but all doors are locked on the outside. This might be used if there is something happening in our neighborhood. 

Following Directions

We are super excited that next Thursday we will be having a police officer visit our classrooms. They will talk about how to be safe and how they help our community.

We want to thank yo so much for welcoming us into your home for home visits. We look forward to them again in November. You can sign up for those visits on the tab above. Thank you for everything you do!

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Losey, Ms. Jamie and Ms. Sydney

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Completion of Begging of Year Study!!!!

Hello Families,

Today we finished our Beginning of the year study. To close out this study we had a dance party on the carpet. We have learned so much about our school and how to make friends.  On Monday we will start our Tree Study. In this study we will learn about things such as who lives in trees, what are trees used for, and how to take care of our trees. Please see the attached letter for how you can help support this new study. We will need a collection of items from trees. There are some suggestions of items you could send in with student in the letter. 

Trees Family Letter

During our Second Steps lesson, we learning about self-talk. Self-talk helps us remember what we need to do. We also learned about a hold and evacuate drill. Hold drills are where we stay in our classroom and lock the doors. We are not allowed out in the hallway. Typically these are used for when emergency personnel (EMT’s) need to come help a student or staff. Holding in our classrooms allows the emergency personnel to get where they need to quickly.If we evacuate the building we stand inside our fenced area out back. Please click on the link below to see the Home Link about how to continue this learning at home.



This coming week we will be hosting a Walk-A-thon on Monday , the proceeds will go to the PTO. The AM class will be walking at 10:20 and the PM class will be walking at 3:10. We would love for you to join us on this walk, please check in at the office upon arrival. Thank you to those who have made donations to our wonderful PTO. Donations are still being accepted until September 24th. You can use this link to make donations or send in the blue form. Here is the link again: PTO Walk-A-Thon

Thank you for all you do!!!

Mrs. Losey, Ms. Jamie and Ms. Sydney

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Fair Ways to Play & Walk-A-Thon

Hello Families,

What a great week it was! In our Beginning of the Year Study we finished studying about when things happen at school by comparing our day to a story about a little boy. We then started studying about who works at our school. We got to meet several people that work at our school through a movie that we interviewed different staff members. Ou movie stared; Mrs. Finnley (principal), Mrs. Mutchie (school cordinator), Ms. Janel (nurse tech), Ms. Deb (secretary), Mrs. Muller (school social worker), and Ms. Sidney (nutrition services). We also had our fantastic janitors come talk to us! Mr. Gary came to the morning class and Ms. Michelle came to the afternoon. We appreciate everything all of these valuable staff members do for our classroom! Next week will be our last in this study and then we will move on to our Tree Study. 

In Second Steps we have been working really hard learning how to share and play fair with our friends. We now how to tap a friends shoulder say their name and then give them a toy or ask for a toy. We practiced sharing, trading and taking turns with our toys and activities. Please click on the link below to see the Home Link about how to continue this learning at home.

Fair Ways to Play

Please take some time to visit our Solicitations tab under the Calendar above to see events for this year and add to your calendar. You will notice that we changed how we are participating in conferences this year. There is an option to come for a socialization, instead of a meeting. We will have plenty of time to talk about goals and how students are doing at our home visits. We want to make this time a little more fun! We hope to see you all there at these fun events!!!

You have probably seen a lot of information coming out about Pyrtle Walk-a-Thon. This is a wonderful event that is held each year to raise money for our PTO. This money is used to fund many things at Pyrtle. One of the big ones is teacher allocations. This allows every grade level to purchase things that will enrich students classroom learning experiences. Last year we used our funds to purchase pumpkins for our fall social and many toys to enrich our studies. See the PTO Facebook post below. Since the Walk-a-Thon is held during a PLC day we will walking the day before. You are welcome to come join us walk a lap or 2 around the walking trail. The AM class will be walking at 10:20 and the PM class walking time is TBD (PM will receive an email when this time is figured out this week) on Monday, September 23rd.

Click here to learn more about the Walk-A-Thon and see how you can help.

Thank you for all you do! We are looking forward to continuing our home visits over the next 2 weeks. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Losey, Ms. Jamie and Ms. Sydney

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Focusing Attention

Hello Families,

This week in the Beginning of the Year study we finished up talking about the rules at school and started talking about when things happen at school. We talked about what we can do with our hands at school and had Ms. Jessica talk to us about her hobbies while we practiced our listening rules on the carpet. We started talking about a clock and what we use a clock for. We also talked about our schedule of the day and what we do before and after each activity.

This week we worked really hard on focusing our attention and getting others attention. We used our “attentoscopes” to focus on one thing. You can read more about how to use those in the family letter from second steps below. We learned how to get someones attention by tapping them on the shoulder and saying their name. You might notice that your student starts to do this at home as well. We encourage you to praise them for practicing these skills.

Unit 1 Week 3 Focusing Attention

For small groups this week we worked on our problem solving skills by putting together puzzles, worked on spacial relationships by tossing a beanbag and labeling where it landed, and practiced our measurement skills by measuring with ribbons. Friday we did some fun large motor small groups. We practiced our gross motor movement with catching and throwing balloons, our balancing skills by dribbling (like soccer) a box in between lines and our traveling skills with ribbon dancing.

Picture day was a success on Friday. Students did a fabulous job of following directions and we were able to get them all to pose. 🙂

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for all you do!

Mrs. Losey, Ms Jamie and Ms. Sydney

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Week 3 FUN!

Hello Families,

What a great week! We learned so much this week. In our Creative Curriculum we finished our talking about what we do if we are scared or sad at school. You can help students remember what to do by reminding them that teachers are there to help them. We started talking about what our rules we have in our classroom. We covered what it looks like to be safe respectful and responsible. If you would like to learn more about our curriculum please take a look at the curriculum tab and click on the Preschool Curriculum Information Video to hear all about what we will be learning about this year. This will take the place of Pyrtle’s Curriculum Night this year.

In Second Steps this week we learned how to welcome people and how to use the listening rules. With this curriculum there are parent letters that come with each lesson. We will post these letters each week so that you can continue to help your student with these skills at home. Please let us know if you have any questions about how to use these, the links are below for the first 2 lessons and and into on how to use them.


Unit 1 Week 1 Welcoming

Unit 1 Week 2 Listening

In one our small groups we worked on matching our names and friends names to their pictures and symbols (Losey-Ladybug).  In another small group this week, students sequenced the letters in their names with their name puzzles.  The last small group had students finding toys in the classroom that were the same color. These small groups helped students learn more about the classroom and their friends in the classroom.

We are excited to see you all in the next few weeks during our home visits. If you have not signed up for a visit time, please do so soon. As we discussed during our initial home visit, we will be completing a social emotional questionnaire and doing a fun activity with you and your child based on their development.

Check out some more pictures on the photos page.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for all you do!

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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Week 2… Off to a Great Start!!!

Hello Families,

We have been so busy this week. In our Creative Curriculum we have been talking about Names we need to know at school. We have learned the names of our friends, centers, rooms in the school and our school name. We sent home pictures in Thursday folders with their friends names, teaches and the centers. You can use this picture when talking with your student about what they did during the day. We just started talking about what to do if we get sad or scared at school. Today we sang the song There’s a Spider on the Floor when we talked about being scared. Students can look at their pictures of their families you sent if they are feeling sad or they can tell a teacher if something is scaring them.

In our Child Protection Curriculum we reviewed  our car seat and pedestrian lessons again that we taught at our initial home visits. The students have become experts at what do do when they need to cross the seat or get in a vehicle. We have also covered more rules of the classroom. We used this whole week to teach our centers and what we can do while playing in these centers. The common theme between all centers was having safe hands, sharing toys and cleaning up when they are done with toys.

If you have not done so already, please head over to the sign up sheets for our September home visits. We like to have these all scheduled so that we can plan ahead for materials and experiences.

Thank you so much for all you do to help your preschooler grow and learn!

Mrs. Losey, Ms. Jamie and Ms. Sydney

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First Week

Hello Preschool Families!

The first week of school is coming to a close and we would love to give you an update on what your students have been learning about the past few days. We loved seeing you all at home visits and discussing safety with your children. This week we have reviewed the car and pedestrian safety lessons from our child protection unit and helped your student learn more about being safe. We have been exploring our classroom during our small group time. This week students were able to explore three different centers; the blocks, toys and puzzle, and the dramatic play. They also learned about how to play safely with their friends in each center, and about some of our rules that we follow in the classroom. We covered how to use safe hands, what to do with the tays and how to clean them up when we are finished playing. We have loved being able to sit and talk with your students during our family style meals and having great conversations while getting to know them.

We love seeing all of the family pictures that our students have brought back to hang on our wall and look froward to seeing the rest of them in the next few days. Students are able to bring  water bottles with them to school. We ask that these bottles only contain water, and are easy for the children to open and close on their own. These bottles will remain in their backpacks, but they are free to drink from them throughout the day. If you haven’t done so already, please send a change of clothes in case of accidents or spills in a gallon bag marked with their name.

The sign up sheets for September home visits is up on the website. You can find it under the “Home Visits and Conferences” on the preschool website. This is password protected. Please use the Password sent in the email reminder about this update. You can also go to the photos page for your class and see some great pictures of our first few days.

We are looking forward to working with you and your students this year and if you have any questions please let us know.

Mrs. Losey, Ms. Jamie and Ms. Sydney


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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Hello Preschool Families!

We are so excited to get to know you and your student this year! We hope you are able to come visit our classroom during Pyrtle Open House on August 8th starting at 5pm. We are in room 139. We had some remodeling done this summer, it looks great!

**Things your student will need before the first day…

  • Backpack that is large enough to carry a folder
  • A change of clothes to keep at school (in a gallon bag labeled with name)
  • A big smile and ready for fun

**Please feel free to connect with the Pyrtle Facebook page.

Thank you,

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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