AHHH. The End is Coming Fast

Thank you all for helping make the Week of the Young Children a success! Check out the photos page to see some of the action. Can you believe that there are only 4 more weeks left in this school year? I know it is hard for me to believe. Here are some things to remember as we finish up the school year…

*Keep your students sleep routines as normal as possible. I know that it is harder to go to sleep when it is still light outside. Room darkening curtains are great or just an extra blanket over the window. This will help behaviors and their brain development.

*Keep checking that weather…We still go outside unless it is raining everyday at 10:30. It is still cold sometimes at that time, so make sure they have a jacket or sweater if it is going to be chilly. Thanks!

*We will be having our Graduation Celebration on the last day of school and a picnic as well. Please try and send in the information for this last day so that we can prepare accordingly.

* The last GOLD report will be coming home that last week of school as well. Keep an eye out for it and let me know if you have any questions.

It has been a wild and wonderful year. Please let me know if you have any questions. You are all AWESOME!

Mrs. Losey

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Pumpkin Patch Reminder…

I hope you are all excited about the pumpkin patch next week. I am looking forward to seeing you all there. This is a great opportunity to meet other families from our classroom and have some safe family fun. Your child is more than welcome to wear their costume as well. Just as a reminder we will be paying for our preschool students entrance which includes a pie sized pumpkin and activities on the farm. We will be there from 5:00 to 7:00pm on Friday the 28th. Check out their website here: JK’s Pumpkin Patch

This week we will also be covering some more of our safety curriculum. The lessons for this week will be; Always ask first rule when accepting gifts, Always ask first rule when going with someone, and Drug and Alcohol Safety. We will be watching the Pepper video this week as well about drug safety. We have covered a few more letters since my lat update. We have now covered the letters; E, F, B, D, P, M, N, W, R, U, L, and V. This week we will cover the letters H and K. We have also been talking a lot about number and what they look like, how to write them, count them and where they are on a number line. We also started our unit on feelings and how to tell by looking at someones face how they are feeling. We learned that when someone is happy everything on their face goes up and when they are sad everything on their face goes down.

As part of Red Ribbon week, we will be participating in some fun activities that our school has planned. If you are not receiving the emails from the school here is what they have planned…

Red Ribbon Week will be October 24th-28th.  The focus of the week is to think about growing up safe, healthy, and drug free.  Each day we will have a theme to help us remember to stay drug free.

Monday– Follow Your Dreams and Don’t Do Drugs – wear your pajamas and bring a stuffed animal

Tuesday– Sock it to Drugs – wear crazy socks

Wednesday– Give Drugs the Boot – wear boots and western attire

Thursday– Live Like it’s 1985 – dress in 80s style

Friday– Live Like a Star – wear your best/fancy clothes

Also, our PTO has extended to due date to Friday the 28th for the walk-a-thon fundraiser. This fundraiser helps teachers in our school purchase things to enrich students learning. Last year we used our funds to purchase the trampoline and stationary bike.

Please let me know if yo have any questions. 

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Can you believe it’s October already?

Hello families, 

It has been awhile since I have sent a message! We have been doing some amazing things in class. I hope that your student is coming home and telling you about them. We got to make home made applesauce and taste it. We made some with red, yellow and green apples. We then decided that we liked the red applesauce the best. They did a great job chopping up the apples! Check out the pictures on the photos page. 

We have also been talking about the weather and the changing season. We have talked about the leaves changing color and why they do this. We have a great song called seasons of the year. Here is a link to the youtube video for this… Seasons of the Year.

We have been talking about the letters in the alphabet and numbers as well. We have covered the letters; E, F, D, P, B, R, N and M so far. This week we will cover the letter L. They should be able to tell you these letters and what sound they make. We are starting to look numbers and how to draw them as well as how to count them. Here are the pictures that we use for our alphabet… alphabet-chant

We have also been working really hard on our Second Steps curriculum on how to be a good learner. We have covered the welcoming, listening rules, focusing attention, self talk and following directions. We are also practicing our LEAP skills to get someones attention, sharing and asking for a toy. I hope you are seeing these skills at home too and you find the home links helpful that come home in Thursday folders. You can find great resources for these on the side bar to your right. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

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GREAT Resource for Social Emotional Development!!!

Take some time to see if any of these articles could help you out!

TACSEI… (Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention)  I will add a link to the side of our webpage for quick access.

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Hello Families,

Welcome to the Pyrtle Preschool Bee’s website. I am so excited to navigate this years as partners with you all. We have a terrific team this year to help get the most out of every experience.

Meet the Team:

Cindy Losey

Family Educator: Cindy Losey

Classroom Para: Irene Reiners

Para: Irene Reiners

Para: Jen Jacoba

Speech Pathologist: Suzie Budzinski

Resource Teacher: Jessica Halsey


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