Other simple machines, who works with them, and Valentine’s Day!!

Hello Families,

Wow what a busy week! We watched a few videos on simple machines, two about pulley’s and one about all simple machines with Bill Nye the Science Guy. The students enjoyed all. On Wednesday, we talked about complex machines and how the are made of two or more simple machines. On Thursday the afternoon class had Maven (Mrs. Losey’s son) visit and talk to us about the simple machines he built. He showed us his ballista, trebuchet, and catapult. In the morning class, Mrs. Losey showed the students the same simple machines and talked about them. Friday we had another special guest, Arthur’s dad Blake, from our morning class. He came and talked about how he used a dolly to move heavy items at work (complex machine). It was fun to see a dolly in action lifting our heavy blocks in the block center. Next week, we finish our simple machines study and start a new study: Tubes and Tunnels.

In Second Steps, we discussed how we can have fun with friends. We reminded ourselves of our three fair ways to play: trade, play together, and take turns. We talked about how it is fun to play with friends, especially when  we play together. Take a look at the home links below to see how you can support these skills at home.

Fair Ways to Play

Having Fun with Friends

Thank you to all the parents that came on Thursday to help with our Valentine’s day parties. It was fun to play games, have a snack, and pass out valentine cards to our friends. We, as always, appreciate everything you do for our classrooms. Also, a special thanks for helping us wrap the boxes for delivering our Valentines.

Yesterday in Thursday folders you should have received you students GOLD report card. Please let us know if you have any questions about it. Today in backpacks you will find a flyer for our next family socialization.  Literacy Night will be on Friday March 1st from 5-6pm in the preschool classroom. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Enjoy your weekend by staying safe and warm from the snowstorms we are getting.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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Other Simple Machines

Hello families,

Wow! What a week! We had 2 guest speakers talk to us about simple machines they use. Ms. Bailey, our speech and language pathologist showed us how she uses simple machines to cut and make fruit salad. We got to sample some delicious fruit after! Thanks Ms. Bailey! We had Jessica from the No Coast Derby Girls come today and talk to us about the wheels on her skates and how she uses them. She had a lot of medals to show us as well and we even got to feel how heavy her skates were. Thank you so much to our special guests. We also talked about pulleys this week. We were surprised by how many things use pulleys. Take some time to look at the pictures form this week on the photos page.

In Second Steps this week we talked about Managing waiting. We talked about calming our body again when having to wait for a  long time. While we are waiting there are strategies we can use to help. We can count or sing a song quietly while we wait. Below is the home link to that you can use to help with these strategies at home.

Managing Waiting

This Thursday we will be having our Valentines parties. The AM class will be starting at 10:00 and the PM class will be starting at 2:45. Please let us know if you would like to join us either by email or the paper we sent home.  Send Valentines with only your students name on them please. Thank you for your help with this at it will make passing them out much faster for everyone. If you are in need of a box of Valentines for your child please let us know as we have several extras. We can send them home you you to help your child sign.

Please look for GOLD report cards to come home this week. We can answer any question you have during our home visit.

Thank you for all the you do!

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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Levers and Screws

Hello Families,

What a crazy short week! We hope you all stayed warm during all this cold weather. Here are some updates from the last 2 short weeks…

In Second Steps we have covered what to do when we are having strong feelings like disappointment or anger. We have learned all the calm down strategies now; put my hands on my tummy. say stop, name my feeling and belly breathe. We practiced these skills with our friends and puppets (Gertie and Juan Pablo). It is okay to be angry, but it is not okay to be hurtful with our bodies or our words. Below is the home links for these lessons. Please take some time to practice these skills at home as well.

Managing Disappointment

Managing Anger

In our Simple Machines study we have been talking about levers and starting to talk about screws. We learned the parts of a lever (lever and fulcrum), talked about different types of levers and what they are used for. We have looked at screws this week and talked about the parts of the screws (head and threads). We are talking about how screws hold things together, making work easier.

We are looking forward to starting our home visits in a few weeks. If you have not signed up please do so asap. Follow the link at the top of the page to sign up. If you are not able shoot us an email and we will fill it in for you.

We will be having our Valentines Parties Thursday February 14th. The AM class will start at 10:00, the PM class will start at 2:45. Feel free to join us for the festivities. We are still looking for volunteers to wrap boxes to put their Valentines in. If you are able to help you can send the letter back to school or email us. We will be gathering materials next week and are planning on sending boxes and paper home with students next Wednesday the 6th for the parents that Volunteered. We would would like to have them back by Friday or Monday at the latest. We will be decorating them on Monday the 11th.

Thank you for all you do!!! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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Incline Planes

Hello Families, 

We hope you are enjoying the extra day at home. It is so pretty out there from the inside looking out! Here is an update about what we covered last week…

In our Simple Machines study we covered incline planes (a flat object that is higher on one end) this week. There are so many all over the place. We had some fun making our own incline planes in small group and seeing how the length and steepness of the plane affects movement on the incline plane. We talked about incline planes’s making moving objects easier and can be fun, like slides. We also discussed different textures that incline planes are made up and why. A waterslide is smooth to travel fast while a moving ramp is rough to give traction. We introduced the word friction during this part of the study. We hope your student is noticing incline planes all around them.

We had fun in our small groups this week as well. We made incline planes in one group, used simple machines to find buried shapes and used pictures to retell The Mitten. We buried shapes in the sand and used shovels, spoons and paint brushes to find them. Then discussed how these simple machines helped us find them easier. We had a blast retelling The Mitten by Jan Brett. We got to use pictures of the animals and put them all in the mitten.

In Second steps this week we covered strong feeling and naming our feelings. We are just beginning to cover what to do when we have strong feelings. The first step is to put our hands on our tummy and say “Stop”. We are telling our bodies to stop and calm down when we do this. We have already discussed that we have feelings in our bodies. The next step is to name the feeling we are having; “I feel _____.”. We talked about frustrated and worried feeling during these lessons. Please take a look at the home links below to see how you can support your child with these skills.

Strong Feelings

Naming Feelings

If you have not turned in your recipe yet, please take some time to fill it out. We will be putting theses all in a recipe book to send home with your child at the end of the year. It is a yummy keepsake. If you need another sheet please let us know or you can download another one here… Preschool recipes

Thank you for all you do! Please let us know if you have any questions,

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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A New Year, A New Study

Hello Families,

We hope that you had a wonderful first week back! Thank you to all the families that were able to join us for Multicultural Night! We had so much fun socializing, eating, playing games and looking at all the hard work that went into constructing our buildings. There are some pictures on the photos page from this wonderful gathering. We cannot wait to try some of these recipes at home. Even if you were not able to make it, please fill out the recipe sheet and send it back with your student. We have told them it is their homework. We will be making a recipe book to send home with every student out of these. Please make sure your child has a recipe in this book. It is so much fun to look back  at these when they are older.

PLEASE sign up for February home visit if you have not done so already. 

In Second Steps this week we covered Feelings in Our Body. We talked about how our body can feel different when we are having worried feelings. Our heart rate might be a little faster, we might breathe a little faster and our tummies might feel funny. When we have worried feelings we can ask an adult to help us feel better. Please look at the home link letter to see how you can discuss this at home as well.

We Feel Feelings in Our Bodies

We are enjoying starting to learn about simple machines. We can not believe how many simple machines we use everyday! We use spoons, tongs, scissors and caps on bottles almost every day. These are all simple machines. Simple machines are anything that moves and object using less work with the use of our bodies. We have been talking about what we already know about simple machines and what we want to learn about them. We will be covering topics such as; how do incline planes help us move things, how are levers used, how do screws hold things together, and what are other types of simple machines? We are looking forward to experimenting with simple machines.

As always if you have any questions please let us know. Thank you for all you do!!!
Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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Break is Over! Welcome Back!

Hello Families,

We are so excited to welcome you all back to school on Monday. We hope you had a fun and healthy winter break and spent lots of time with loved ones. We are rested and ready to get back to some fun learning experiences. We hope you enjoyed the gifts your child made for you in class and brought home during break. We finished our Buildings study and are looking forward to showing you all our buildings we constructed during our multicultural night. This will be next Thursday here at Pyrtle in the cafeteria from 5-7pm. Please bring a dish to share if you can. If not, please bring your recipe to add to the classroom recipe book. We will be sending home the recipe sheet this week in backpacks. Even if you are unable to come please fill this sheet out so your child can be included in the recipe book. This is their HOMEWORK. We hope you are all able to join us!

We will be starting our next study on Simple Machines. Simple Machines are any tools that make tasks easier. This will include studies on inclined planes, pulley’s, levers, and screws. If you have any materials or experience with simple machines that would be fun to share with our kiddos please let us know. We would love to have you come visit or use materials that would help expand their knowledge about simple machines.

We will also be reviewing expectations for classroom rules with your students as soon as they return. You can help us with this by review the expectations at home as well. We will be talking about how to be respectful, responsible and safe. These can include things such as, keeping our hands to ourself, using walking feet, waiting our turn to talk, using an indoor voice, sharing toys, and cleaning up after ourselves.

Some reminders…

School resumes on Monday the 7th

Sign up for February home visits

Multicultural Night Thursday, January 10th 5-7

Thanks for all you do to make your child successful! As always, let us know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Losey & Ms. Jamie

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Week of December 10th – 14th

Hello Families,

Sorry this is late again. Theses weeks before winter break are pretty busy! We have been working hard in the classroom to learn more about buildings. We had 2 visitor come last week and talk about what they do inside buildings. Roy came and talked to us about how he installs electricity into buildings and what we use electricity for. Ms. Deb from our office came and talked to us about how Pyrtle has changed since it was built. She showed us some pretty neat pictures about how the school looked when it was built in 1963. If you are ever interested, these pictures are hanging in the hallway by the cafeteria. We also finished our buildings. Students put the finishing touches on them. We cannot wait for you to see them at multicultural night on January 10th. They put the shingles on the roof, painted the exterior and hug some wall art up.

In our safety curriculum we continued to talk about the safe touching rule; “A person should never touch my private parts accept to keep me clean and healthy.” We practiced how to use the safety steps if someone breaks the touching rule; say words that mean no, get away and tell. We also talked about good secrets and bad secrets. It is never okay to keep a secret about someone breaking the touching rule. We also watched the video about Joey. You can look at last weeks post if you would like to watch this video again with your student. It is important that your child know they can tell you if someone tries to break this rule, so we encourage you to talk to them about this as well. We talked about our private parts being covered by our bathing suits and gave them the correct names (penis, bottom, vagina and breasts.) Please let us know if you need help talking about these things with your child.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for your child to be successful in preschool!

Head over to the photos page to see some updates in the Buildings Study folder.

Thank you,

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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Welcome Back

Hello families,

Sorry we missed a post last week. We have a lot to catch up on! Here is what we have been doing the last 2 weeks….

In Second Steps last week we covered Accidents and Caring and Helping. We discussed that every one has accidents sometimes and that we just need to see how we can help fix them. We should let the other person know it was an accident by saying, “I didn’t mean to. Are you okay?” We also discussed that helping is a way to show someone you care. We can do this by listening to the other person and then helping them. Below you will find the home links for these lessons.


Caring and Helping

This week in Talking about Touching we covered the touching rule and what to do if someone breaks the touching rule. The touching rule is; “A person should never touch my private parts, accept to keep me clean and healthy.” We hope that your student is coming home and talking about this. They might even be asking you if you are helping keep them clean. We used the atomically correct name for our body parts when talking about this lesson. Students should feel like they can say someone hurt their penis like they would someone hurt their arm. We used the words penis, breasts, vagina and bottom. We talked about these parts of our body being covered by out bathing suits. We also covered the safety steps to use if someone tries to break the safe touching rule. The steps are to say words that mean “NO”, get away and tell a grown up. We practiced using these steps in the classroom this week. We would highly recommend you practicing these at home as well and talking with your student about the safe touching rule. If you need help with what to say we are here, or you can reference the video below. The first one will be shown to students next Friday. The second video is for parents to help them with what to say.

Joey Learns the Touching Rule is what we will show when we are finished teaching our lessons about safe touching.

What Do I Say Now is a video that you can watch to help figure out what to say to your child.

We have been working really hard on our building study these last 2 weeks as well. Last week we drew our blueprints and this week we began building our house. Make sure to take a look at the photos page for some hard workers. We will have these finished buildings on display during our multicultural night. We have read 3 versions of The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf now. We read; The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf, The Three Little Pigs and The Big Red Dog, and The Big Bad Wolf is Good.  We talked about which building was stronger and more sturdy. We also used cardboards boxes to make buildings and see how to make them sturdier. We have been having so much fun!

We have also covered a few more letters. At this point we have introduced the capital letters; F, E, D, P, B, R, N, M, H, K, L, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, C, O and Q. We only have a few more capital letters to go! We are also starting to work really hard on writing our names. You can help at home by having your child draw shapes or writing their name, depending on where they are in their development. Here is the typical progression of writing strokes. You can see which ones your child can make and then work on the ones they are struggling with.

Teaching Writing to Pre-K students

As always please let us know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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Thanksgiving Break

Hello Families,

Can you believe it is already Thanksgiving? What a fast busy week we had. Your student should have brought home their thankful turkey placemat today. We made those yesterday and the students told a teacher what they were thankful for. They came up with some great ideas. Thank you for those of you who were able to come visit us and watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! We had a blast eating our Charlie Brown snack and watching with loved ones. Check out the pictures on our photos page.

We reviewed our safety lessons this week for safe touches. We covered what a safe and unsafe touch is and what to do if someone gives and unsafe touch. Thanks for supporting these lessons at home!

We want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and say we are very thankful for you and everything that you do to support your students learning!

Ms. Losey and Ms. Jamie


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November 16th

Hello Families,

What a fun week we had. We have really got into our building’s study. We read the Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bag Wolf and then we built the three pigs houses in our dramatic play area. We have also added straw to the sensory table and are trying to make buildings with straw. It is pretty hard! We have seen some great buildings in our block area and the toy area. There have been some great skyscrapers. We have our farm house and barn in the puppet are as well. We will soon have a tepee in the library and AM class got to see a castle set in the big library when we went Friday (PM will go see it this week as a quick “field trip”). It is set up for the 5th graders plays.

We had a fantastic presentation about how engineers are a large part of making buildings. Thank you Jenny Samson for this wonderful experience you provided for our kiddos! There are some great pictures from this on the photos page. Please check them out! We talked about structural engineers and how they make sure the foundations and columns are solid, mechanical engineers who make sure our heaters and ducts are working properly, Plumbing and how we need to make sure the pipes are going down so the water can run away, and electrical engineers to help us power our buildings. The students got to help build with all of these components involved.

We would like you all to help us welcome our new Speech and Language Pathologist to the team as well. Her name is Bailey Wallace. She has come from Oklahoma where she worked in early intervention. She came with her boyfriend and dog. We wish Ms. Suzie well in her new position within the district.

This week we covered some important safety lesson. We covered safe touches, a soft touch that is wanted. Things that are safe we discussed are high fives, tapping on shoulder, hand shakes and hugs (we ask at school before we hug). We also covered dealing with unsafe touches. We practiced saying “No” and “Please don’t do that”. Unsafe touches is a touch that hurts your body or your feelings. If someone gives an unsafe touch they should tell and adult. We also covered what to do if adults are giving each other unsafe touches at home. Students should go to a safe place in a house or to a neighbors. If they are really frightened they should call a family member or 911. Thank you for helping us support your child with these lessons at home.

Since the weather has gotten colder we would like to remind you to send in warmer clothes to keep in your students locker, if you have not done so already. We have these in case of an accident or clothing gets wet doing an activity. Please send a quick email if you need a teacher to check your students backpack that day. We do our best to have students check there bags, but sometimes things can be missed coming to school.

***Reminder*** This Tuesday you are welcome to come join us for Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie and snack. AM will be starting at: 8:50 and PM will be starting at: 3:10. We hope to see you there!!!

Thank you for all you do to help your child learn and grow!

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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