Week 2 Signs

Hello Families,

We had a great week learning more about signs. We talked about the different characteristics of signs; shapes, colors, and symbols. Students were able to follow arrows to move to another part of the class and identify that the color red means stop and green means go. In our small groups this week we worked on building patterns, rhyming and how to graciously win or lose a game. We built patterns using colors and different signs. We practiced rhyming by singing “Down By the Bay”. The kids loved this silly song, you could look it up and sing at home. We learned to be gracious winners by playing musical chairs and learning what to say. We practiced saying, “Good game.” “Congratulations” “I’m okay.” and giving high fives. When you are playing games at home you can practice this too. During the game and just before the game is over you can coach your child on what they can say or do when they win or lose and have them practice. It is fun to play game not matter if we win or lose. We also got to go practice a large motor skill in our small group on Friday. We practiced dribbling a ball, hitting a balloon with a foam paddle, and playing red light green light.

In Second Steps this week we worked on saying what we need or want in a strong respectful voice. We coached students and practiced this skill throughout the week. Just below you will find the home link for you to practice this skill at home.

Asking for What You Need or Want

This next week there is a lot happening. Please be sure to check the link above to access your time for parent teacher conferences this Tuesday and Thursday. These conferences will happen at Pyrtle in our preschool classroom. They will last about 15 min while we update you on your students progress. Please feel free to come with any questions that you might have about anything we are doing. We will also be getting a visit from Lincoln Fire and Rescue and Lincoln Police Department to do presentations about fire safety and general safety (getting found, never touching guns, and police are here to keep us safe). On Thursday we will be taking a short walk around the block (not crossing streets) to look for signs in our neighborhood. We will have 5-6 adults with us to make sure we are safe.

We wanted to let you all know that we have been keeping a close eye on the news about JK’s Pumpkin Patch. From the information we were able to recover it was an unfortunate tragedy that happened there this last week. We will continue to monitor the news and reach out to the them this week to make sure we are still set for our visit on the 25th.

A special thanks to those of you that helped cut materials this week for our firetruck project and those who donated plastic bins or funds for more!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Thank you for all that you do to help your cild learn and grow!

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie


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A New Study!!! SIGNS!!!

Hello Families,

What a great week we have had starting to learn about SIGNS! We have talked about what we know about signs and where we might see signs. Students are curious about what letters and words they see on signs, what those signs mean, and how they are used. They may come home and talk to you about signs or point out when they see a sign. We have talked about that signs can tell us what to do or where something is. You can help support this learning by pointing out signs you see when you are out like; traffic signs, street signs or signs you see at stores. You can read the signs with your child and talk about what information the signs are communicating. You can talk about the shapes and colors of signs and compare them to other signs.

We would love your help in the classroom as well. If you can, we could use books, stencils, pictures or any signs that you might have to use during our study. Please label your items if you send them in with your name so we can get them back to you at the end of our study. We promise to take good care of them! Also, please let us know if you or a member of your family works with signs (e.g.,printer, crossing guard, sign language interpreter) and would like to come share your expertise with us. We would love for you to come join us in the classroom.

Today our AM class had some exciting news. We had 2 new friends join our classroom; Nora and A’mir. WELCOME! We were so happy they could join us and are looking forward to playing and learning with them. Please take some time to visit our pictures link above to see the updated class picture sheet. You can download and print a new one if you like so you have all the students on your sheet to talk about who your child played with and what they did.

This week we covered following directions in our Second Steps lessons and reviewed what to do in a lockdown drill. To follow directions we practice using our self-talk and say the direction again to help us remember what to do. Below is the home link so that you can practice these skills at home as well.

Following Directions

We have been introducing students to a few letters each week. We just explore and expose students to these letters. So far we have covered the letters E, F, M, N, P, and R.

Yesterday you should have received your invitation to the Pumpkin Patch in Thursday folders. Please let us know if you have any questions about this. We will be looking for the bottom portion of the sheets to come back to school.

Please remember that conferences are coming up soon. If you do not remember what time you signed up for please look at the home visit link above for your class. There is a link to the conference sheet there. Conferences are October 9th and 11th.

Thank you so much for everything you do!!!

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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September 21st

Hello Families,

We’ve had a great week! We talked about how we make friends, how we know who are friends, and what we like to do with our friends. During small groups with spent time playing a matching game, counting cotton balls for our lambs, and found what color each of our skin is. Some of us are vanilla ice cream, or gingerbread, or cinnamon, or biscuits, or chocolate cupcakes. We talked about how we are all the same inside and that we all have feelings and similar things that we like.¬† We have a diverse mix of students, how fun is that! ūüôā

During our¬†Second Steps lesson, we learning about self-talk. Self-talk helps us remember what we need to do. We also learned about a hold and lockdown drill. Hold drills are where we stay in our classroom and lock the doors. We are not allowed out in the hallway. Typically these are used for when emergency personnel (EMT’s) need to come help a student or staff. Holding in our classrooms allows the emergency personnel to get where they need to quickly. A lockdown drill is where we will lock the doors, turn off the lights, and hide in our bathroom while being quiet. We exampled that sometimes there might be bad people in our school and we need to hide to be safe.¬†Please click on the link below to see the Home Link about how to continue this learning at home.


Hablar consigo mismo

This was our last week in our Creative Curriculum study, The Beginning of the Year. Monday we will start our new study Signs. We are excited for the new study and have lots of new toys out to help support that.


Thanks for all you do!

-Ms. Jamie and Mrs. Losey

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Video Links for Safety Curriculum

Hello Families,

Here are the links to the videos we will be showing to students during our safety lessons and the video that you can watch to help you talk to your students about safe touches.

Pepper is the video we will watch when we talk about drug and alcohol awareness.

Joey Learns the Touching Rule is what we will show when we are finished teaching our lessons about safe touching.

What Do I Say Now is a video that you can watch to help figure out what to say to your child.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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September 14th

Hello Families,

What a great week it has been! We have been working really hard learning how to share and play fair with our friends. We now how to tap a friends shoulder say their name and then give them a toy or ask for a toy. We practiced sharing, trading and taking turns with our toys and activities. Today we practiced for a lockout drill. This is when there is something dangerous outside our school and we need to be safe. We played a game called, “Lockdown, secure the perimeter.” Students practiced getting inside a circle to make the sure they were safe.Please click on the link below to see the Home Link about how to continue this learning at home.

Fair Ways to Play

During Creative Curriculum this week we got to meet several people that work in our school. Connie our school security monitor came and talked to us about how she keeps our school safe and helps parents check in to see them. We talked to Mrs. Mutchie too about how she helps students and organizes things in our schools. Today we went to the computer lab to find our runaway gingerbread man and met Mr. Rinne our Computer Science teacher. It was so much fun getting to meet people who work at our school.

Thank you to those families who were able to make it to our curriculum night. We know how hard it is to make time in your busy nights. So, for those of you who were unable to make it you can click on the following link to see the information that we presented. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Curriculum Night 2018

Thanks for all you do!

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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First Month Done!

Hello Families,

This week we worked really hard on focusing our attention and getting others attention. We use our “attentoscopes” to focus on one thing. You can read more about how to use those in the family letter from second steps below. We learned how to get someones attention by tapping them on the shoulder and saying their name. You might notice that your student starts to do this at home as well. We encourage you to praise them for practicing these skills.

We have updated the socializations tab under calendar above. This will give you important dates of fun activities that we will do throughout the year. These socializations allow you to meet other families in our classrooms and gain great information we might have to help your student grow and learn. We always have a blast together, we would love to see you all there. More specific information will be sent out about each of these events when they get closer.

We would love to take some time to tell you how wonderful and involved our Pyrtle PTO is on our school and our classroom. This week you should have received a magnet about when they hold their meetings and how you can get involved. You also received a blue sheet for one of their fundraisers. The PTO tries to only do 2 fundraisers a year. Although preschool will not be able to participate in the Walk-A-Thon, feel free to send in donations. The PTO generously gives every classroom money each year out of these funds to buy things for our classrooms to enrich the environment. If you send money and are worried that your student will forget to give it to a teacher you can email or call us and we will be sure to check their backpack.

Thank you so much for all that you do to help your student grow and learn.

**Reminder Picture day is Friday this coming week.

Unit 1 Week 3 Focusing Attention

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Here we go Preschool. Here we go!!!

Hello Families,

We have been having so much fun getting to know your students! This week you should have received information about picture day and yearbooks in students Thursday Folders. In Second Steps this week we learned how to welcome people and how to use the listening rules. With this curriculum there are parent letters that come with each lesson. We will post these letters each week so that you can continue to help your student with these skills at home. Please let us know if you have any questions about how to use these, the links are below for the first 2 lessons and and into on how to use them.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie


Unit 1 Week 1 Welcoming

Unit 1 Week 2 Listening

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Hello Families, It has taken us awhile to get our site up and running. Please take a look around and see some of the great things that we have for you as resources >>>>>>> and information about what is going on in the classroom. There is a link to pictures and home visit sign up for each classroom. Your classroom teacher will have shared the password for your class with you. Please let us know if you have any questions about the site!!!

Mrs. Losey-AM

Ms. Jamie-PM

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