Week 2 of Remote Learning

Hello Families,

We hope you are all healthy and doing well. We miss you terribly and want to reach out with some suggestions about the upcoming weeks remote learning. You can access this information provided from the district by going to: LPS Remote Learning Materials

The best advise we can give you when going into the center-based preschool folder is to click on the blue document titled: Center Based Preschool Information for Families – School Closure. This document will give you links to ideas for one week at a time and organizes it a little better. We would recommend choosing one activity from each of the categories each day. We know some of these activities might ask for materials you may not have at home. We have discussed some options and accommodations for some of these activities that you might find helpful when thinking about what materials you already have. Below we will list some of the activity names for the following week and give some suggestions for changes that might help you think about using the materials you already have available and not having to purchase anything.

Walk A Letter: If you do not have letter cards you can make these with any scrap paper you have and a pen. Instead of using masking tape you can make large letters with string/yarn, belts, towels or anything that can be lain flat and bent.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: This can be done during any meal. You can also use this as a dramatic play opportunity for students to set a table for their dolls or stuffed animals. This will give them different opportunities to count.

Go Fish: If you do not have cards you can make some of your own. You can write numbers on scrap paper and then add some dots to match the quantity. To make this game a little easier you can also sort your cards to only have the numbers 1-5 or you can add all the way to 10. If your child is ready for higher numbers you can add those as well.

Making Modeling Dough: This recipe is pretty basic, but can be made without the cream of tartar if you do not have that available. Cream of Tartar adds to the elasticity of the dough. There are many other recipes that can be found on the web as well. One of our favorites uses kool-aid and it smells great and already has the color in it.

What Time Is It Mr. Fox: You do not need to have a fox for this activity. You can use any toy/stuffy that you have in your house. We suggest something that is highly enticing for your student. They can ask, “What time is it Mr./Mrs _______?” Masking tape is not necessary either. This game can be played outside using cracks in concrete, sticks or lines in dirt as the line. You can also use anything that can be lain flat on the ground inside like a belt or towel. Another fun idea to keep students engaged in this activity is to change the way they are moving; baby steps, giant steps, walking/moving like and animal.

Drawing to Music: If you do not have crayons or markers students could use pens or pencils. You can use sale adds as scrap paper for them to draw on .

Alphabet March: Here are some instrument ideas from stuff you might have around the house; use a water bottle and fill partially with rice or beans, pans/Tupperware to hit with cooking utensils, empty medicine bottles filled with bolts, box as a drum or add rubber bands to make guitar.

We truly hope you are all well and please tell your student that we are thinking about them everyday and wish we could give them a giant hug or high-five. Please let us know if you have and questions. You are amazing and we believe in each one of you. Stay strong, we can do this!

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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Who uses balls, What are balls made of, and What to do if someone breaks the touching rule

Hello Families,

This week has been full of learning and having fun. In our ball study we talked about who uses balls. We read a book about a little boy who goes bowling with his dad. We then watched a video of animals playing with balls and on Wednesday we had a special visitor, Spice. Spice is a therapy dog from 5th grade with Ms. Prange. Spice came down and we got to see how she plays fetch to have fun like we play to have fun. Some of use even got to pet Spice. We ended the week talking about what balls are made of. We used our senses to explore and described what we felt, saw, heard, smelled, and tasted (grapes). Then we discussed what might be inside balls. We learned vocabulary words like hollow and solid. We made predictions if we thought certain balls were hollow or solid and then tested our hypothesis.

In second steps, we talked about the touching rule we learned about a few months ago and what to do if someone breaks the touching rule. The touching rule is “A person should never touch your private body parts, expect to keep you clean and healthy”. We talked about what our private body parts are again (anything a swimsuit covers) and that a mommy/daddy/grandparent might help keep us clean and healthy when taking a bath but a dentist who works on teeth would not be keeping our private body parts clean and healthy, therefore should not touch them. We used our Ways to Stay Safe steps to practice what to do if someone does break the touching rule. We can stop and think, is this safe and what’s the rule? We then can say words that mean no and then tell a grown-up. We discussed that if the first grown-up does not help, tell the next grown-up and keep telling until someone helps you. We also discussed about what to do when someone who breaks the touching rule asks you to keep it a secret. We talked about the difference between a good secret and a bad secret. A good secret is one that makes the other person feel good, for example a present or a surprise party. A bad secret is one that hurts us or makes us feel bad, for example doing something we are not suppose to or playing touching games. Please take some time to talk to your preschooler about what they learned this week during second steps.

In small groups, students worked on looking at a set of numbers and determining what the amount was without counting. This skills is called quantifying. Students then used marbles to separate the set of marbles they had into different groups and learned that even when a set of 5 marbles is grouped different ways it is still 5. In another small group students worked on patterns. They used shapes to make various patterns and discussed the pattern they made. In another small group, students played the what’s missing game. Students looked at some objects and then the teacher covered them and took a few objects away. Students then tried to recall what was missing. At the end of the week, we participated in motor movement small groups. One group used balloons and tried to keep the balloon from falling by using our hands to keep it up. Another group working on jumping in different ways by using a rope as a “river” to jump over. In the last small group we worked on balancing our bodies with a clear space (a hula hoop) while moving our bodies in various ways. These motor movement small groups will be our Friday groups for the next few weeks so, your students will get an opportunity to participate in all groups at one point.

Thank you to all of your for letting us come into your home and take time out of your day to meet with us. We truly enjoy being able to spend this time with you. The last round of home visits will take place in April. If you have not, please check out the home visit sign up pages and pick either Returning to Preschool or Kindergarten Visit and sign up for a day and time.

When we return from Spring break we will be introducing new incentives to students. We will have super kids badges to wear during the day if students are caught doing something super like, cleaning up really well, helping a friend, following directions, keeping their hands to themselves, using kind words and many more. If they earn one of these badges during the day we will give them a paper bracelet to wear home so you know they earned a badge and you can ask them how they were safe, respectful and responsible during the day.

Reminder that next week is spring break and there will be no school. We will see all of you back to school on March 16th. Enjoy your time and hopefully the weather is nice so we can partake in the fresh air.

Thank you for all you do,

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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Who Uses Balls? Joining in Play.

Hello Families,

We have been having so much fin this week learning and experimenting with balls. We have really put on  our scientist hats and made a lot of hypothesis and tested them out. We figures out how to move balls in water and which balls we can make go higher using parachute. We found out that the lighter balls went higher on the parachute and that we can use wind and water as a force to move balls in the water. We also started talking about who uses balls. Ms. Jessica talked to our class about playing volleyball. She showed us how to pass, set, hit, block and serve. We talked about many different people who use balls, even ourselves!

In small groups this week we practiced finding how many syllables in our names and other words. We used yarn balls to pass the ball between our hands to find out how many. We also experimented with how air moves a cotton ball through a straw. We blew threw a straw to see how far we could move it. We practiced taking turns with our partnered and measuring how far they went. In our last group this week we made feelings bracelets. We talked about some colors and feelings that we might associate with that color. We then looked at picture cards with scenarios and decided how the person in the picture might be feeling.

In Second Steps this week we talked about joining in play. We practiced watching what a person was doing, telling them we like something about what they are doing and then come up with a play idea and ask to join in. Below is the home link for this lesson. Practicing these skills at home will help your child become more familiar with them and easier to use and retrieve from their memory bank in the moment. Thanks for taking the time to look at these each week!

Joining in with Play

Thank you so much for allowing us to come into your homes and work with you on a skill to help your child in their growth and learning. These home visits allow us to see the whole picture of the child and help us to better understand how to expand on their growth. We have so enjoyed being a part of the activities we bring for you and your child to participate in. We hope that you feel the benefits from this partnership. We have one more set of home visits to come in April.

Thank you for all you do!

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie.

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Do All Balls Roll, Pat The Cat in the Hat, Inviting Friends to Play

Hello Families,

What a busy week! We talked about how balls roll and the shape of balls. Your student should be able to tell you that most balls are shaped like a sphere. We tested our hypothesis about how to make balls roll faster and slower down a ramp. We even got to make our own sphere’s out of play-doh. We then flattened them like pancakes to see if they would roll like the sphere. Ask your student about all the fun we are having with balls.

This week both classes had a visit from Pat the Cat. She is a retired teacher that comes to read to classes in costume. There are some wonderful pictures on the photos page. Take some time to check them out. Students practiced following directions with their Dr. Seuss animals in their laps. She read Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? We got to make so many silly animal noises. Thank you Pat!!!

In small groups this week students tested how objects roll or do not roll down a ramp. We noticed that objects with flat sides had a harder time rolling. We tallied how many items could roll and how many did not. In another group we worked on letter sounds while stamping the letters on the football. Your student should have brought these sheets home this week. In our last small group students found hidden letters in a ball pit with magnets. They identified the names of the letters as they found them. We are keeping learning fun!

In Second steps this week we talked about inviting friends to play and giving play ideas. We can invite others to play by using a kind voice and asking them to come play. We can notice others who are not playing and invite them to play. We also talked about giving play ideas and taking turns giving play ideas. Check out the home link for ideas about how to help foster this skill at home.

Inviting to Play

We are enjoying finishing up our third round of home visits. Thank you for always welcoming us into your homes. We feel so privileged to be partners with you in your students learning. Please let us know if you have any questions following these visits. We will have one more set of visits this year in April.

As always, Please let us know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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Fashion Show/Being a Good Friend/Do All Balls Bounce/Valentine’s Day

Hello Families,

What a busy week! Thank you to all the families that were able to make it to the Fashion Show on Monday. We had an amazing turn out. Students were so proud of all their hard work. If you were not able to make it your student should have brought home the clothes they made and a tie-dye scarf that we made.

This week we have been deciding what we want to find out about balls and if all balls bounce. We have been putting on our scientist thinking caps and trying to figure our why some balls bounce and some do not. We have looked at the shape of balls and noticed that most balls are sphere’s. Your student has been practicing saying sphere. At home you can see how many sphere’s they can find.

In small groups this week we practiced our rhyming words by singing the song, Down by the Bay. Students had a blast thinking of other funny rhymes for different animals. In another small group students got to measure the circumference around some balls using a piece of yard and decide which ones were bigger or smaller around. In the last small group students counted how many times different types of balls bounced when they were dropped.

In Second Steps, we discussed how we can have fun with friends. We reminded ourselves of our three fair ways to play: trade, play together, and take turns. We talked about how it is fun to play with friends, especially when  we play together. Take a look at the home links below to see how you can support these skills at home.

Fair Ways to Play

Having Fun with Friends

We had our Valentine’s parties today. We had so much fin blowing bubbles and passing out our Valentines. Check out the pictures on the photos page.

**Remember no school on Monday.**

Thanks for all you do. Happy Valentines Day!!!

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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Celebrating Clothing Study and Starting Balls Study; Managing Waiting

Hello Families,

What a busy week! We finished up our clothing study and started our new study about balls. We spent 2 days this week practicing for our fashion show on Monday. We are so excited and can’t wait to show you all our wonderful clothes we made. We have just started talking about balls and what we already know about them. We hope they are looking for different things around the house that are ball shaped.

***Fashion Show Reminders***

Where: Pyrtle Multipurpose room (students know this as the gym they play in)

When: 5:00-7:00 Monday the 10th

What to bring: Your student, a dish to share if you can, something to take pictures

Things to know: Please being your student in. We will take them to the back of the cafeteria and help them put on their clothes they made. Short sleeve shirts are easier to put the clothes over. Students can wear their PJ’s if they want. We will be having both classes walk at the same time down our runway. They will walk up and down the runway. You can get a good view from both sides. We hope for the students to come back and sit together after they walk. If they come to you and do not want to finish walking we will not be making them leave you. We will be playing music they chose to walk to. After all students have walked down the runway we will have them come to you and we can all try some wonderful foods that are a tradition in your families. We will be bringing recipe cards to our home visits this month for you to fill out and make into a recipe book. If you would like to get ahead of the game here is a link to the sheet we will be brining. While we are eating we will be giving out some wonderful information about how to help your student become a reader.

In small groups this week we put together a book about what we made for the fashion show and made some posters to hang up during our fashion show. We also tie-dyed some handkerchiefs to carry with us during the fashion show. Today we had fun in small groups learning how to dribble the ball with our hands and feet, we also practiced bouncing and catching a ball.

In Second Steps this week we talked about Managing waiting. We talked about calming our body again when having to wait for a  long time. While we are waiting there are strategies we can use to help. We can count or sing a song quietly while we wait. Below is the home link to that you can use to help with these strategies at home.

Managing Waiting

GOLD reports were finished up this week. We will be sending them home on Thursday this coming week. Please take some time to look at these and let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for all you do to help your student learn and grow. We hope to see you all Monday evening for our show.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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What Special Clothes do People Wear and Managing Anger

Hello Families,

This week in Creative Curriculum we continued our discussion about what special clothes people wear to work and then we extended into thinking about what special clothes people wear to other celebrations. On Monday we talked about what we want to be when we grow up and what special clothes we would need for that job. Students drew themselves in that position and we made it into a quilt to hang in our classroom. We will have this on display at our fashion show on the 10th. We also talked about special events that people might wear special clothes to like a graduation or wedding. We looked at some pictures taken at special events and talked about the special clothes people were wearing. Students were then able to talk to their peers about a special event they went to and wore special clothing.

In small groups this week students finished sewing their clothes. We practiced how to sew first with lacing cards and then we all got a turn on pushing the pedal on the sewing machine with close supervision. THANK YOU to the volunteers who made this possible. We had several volunteers come and sew the clothes most of the way so that students could just finish them up a little. They all fit, yay!!! Thank you to those that donated fabric for this as well. Please take some time to visit the photos page to see some of their clothing. In another small group, students practiced letter sounds with the game “jumping beans”. They drew cards out of a container and they had to say the sound of the letter. If they drew the jumping bean they all got to jump. In the last small group, students played a math game with button on Pete the Cat. They got to follow along with the story and solve the math problems. Then students made up their own story problems with Pete and his buttons.

In Second Steps we have covered what to do when we are having strong feelings like anger. We have learned all the calm down strategies now; put my hands on my tummy. say stop, name my feeling and belly breathe. We practiced these skills with our friends and puppets (Gertie and Juan Pablo). It is okay to be angry, but it is not okay to be hurtful with our bodies or our words. Below is the home links for these lessons. Please take some time to practice these skills at home as well.

Managing Anger


  • We will be starting our home visits this coming week. If you are returning to preschool next year we will be having you fill out the returning paperwork. We will be bringing our recipe page for all families to fill out. Please be thinking of a family recipe that you would like to share. We are looking forward to seeing you and talking about how you are dong on your goals.
  • The fashion show and Multicultural night are approaching fast. We hope that you can all attend to see how hard your students have been working. We will help them put on their clothes they made and we will be walking the runway to our favorite music. We are also looking forward to sampling your favorite family recipes after the show. We would love if you are able to make and bring your favorite recipe, but we understand that not all families will have the time or resources to do this. Please still come, even if you are unable to bring food! We want to celebrate your students learning more than anything else!
  • We will be having our Valentine’s day parties on February 14th this year. For these parties we will be passing our valentines. We have a parent that has volunteered to make boxes for each of our students to decorate and receive their Valentines. We cannot have any food come into the school for the party. If there is a treat attached to the Valentine that is okay. We will be sending those home and you can decide what your student is able to eat there. We will be doing a fun STEM activity during this party as well. Parents are welcome to attend and encouraged to come help pass our Valentines. Party times are as follows…

AM Valentines Party: 9:00-9:30

PM Valentines Party: 1:00-1:30


Thank you for all you do for our class and your student!!! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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Kindness-Special Clothes People Wear-Managing Disappointment

Happy Friday Families,

We’re happy that everyone has been safe during this crazy weather week. Hopefully we have no more ice and can enjoy what is left of winter. 🙂

This week we took some time to talk about being kind to our friends and what special clothes people wear during large group. On Tuesday we read a book called Should I share my ice cream? We talked about if the characters, piggy and elephant, were being good friends. We used our senses by feeling cotton balls and sandpaper. As we touched each we discussed how our words and actions are like cotton balls or sandpaper. Sandpaper words and actions hurt us, they our rough, and scratch our feelings. However cotton ball words and actions are soft and make us happy. We reinforced this idea on Thursday by playing the compliment game. Each student got to give their neighbor a compliment. We discussed compliments make use feel good. Compliments can be “I like your hair” or “I like how you drew that picture”. We were very proud of all the students for being kind friends during this game. Students can also do shout-outs to their friends when they are using their cotton ball words and actions. Any reinforcement you can do at home with this, would be appreciated. On Wednesday and Friday we discussed the special clothes people wear to work, we even had a visitor from Arthur’s (morning class) dad who showed us his uniform. He is a police officer for the US Air Force. Thank you for showing our classes your uniform and talking about what the significance of the different parts on the jacket. Check out the pictures!

In second steps, we reviewed skills from last week by practicing how to calm down and name our feelings. We then learned about managing disappointment. We discussed that sometimes we get what we want and other times we don’t. We said when we do not get what we want, we may feel disappointed. We added a new step to our calm down strategy. This new step is belly breathing. We talk about breathing in through your nose (smell the flower) and breathing out through your mouth (blow out the candle). Please look at the home link letters to see how you can discuss this at home as well.

Unit 3 Week 16 Managing Disappointment

In small group, students played a memory game with pictures of clothing items. Students also learned more about alliteration. Alliteration is words that start with the same sound. For example, Baby Bumble Bee. In the last small group, students practiced cutting after be measured for their article of clothing they are making for the fashion show. Next week we get to sew the clothing! 🙂

As always, thank you for all you do to support your students and the classroom.

-Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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How is Cloth Made and Strong Feelings

Hello Families,

Happy Snow Day! We hope you all are staying safe and warm at home toady. Today is a good reminder that your student is welcome to bring snow boots to school to play in snow but to please also bring another pair of shoes to change into so water is not tracked around the school and classroom. Also we ask that snow pants/suits are not worn as this takes lots of time to put on.

During our clothing study in large group this week, we talked about how cloth is made. Ms. Jamie demonstrated how she makes blankets and other items by crocheting for both classes. She also showed the students knitting needles and others tools needed to do both (scissors, tape measure, needle, etc.). The students asked lots of thoughtful questions and really enjoyed feeling the soft yarn Ms. Jamie uses. Check out the photos in the clothing study albums. We also talked about how we can weave to make cloth. We demonstrated weaving with our bodies first and then with a loom and some paper strips. Students get to practice weaving with the loom during choice time in the toy’s center.

In small group this week, students practiced some more weaving by using play-doh. Students had to roll two colors of play-doh flat and cut it into strips. Next they took the play-doh and weaved them together. It took lots of patience but the students had a blast. Students also worked on counting and quantifying with buttons. Buttons were hidden in sand and the students had to find them and count them. After they counted the buttons, they compared the quantities of their friends buttons. In the third small group, students looked at their clothes. We examined the colors and patterns. We then talked about how we are going to make clothes for the fashion shows. Students then decided what article of clothing they want to make and designed it. Next week we will be choosing our fabric and cutting it out. Thank you for all the fabric donations!!!

In Second Steps, we talked about having strong feelings and how we can calm our bodies when those feelings arise. Strong feelings are frustrated, worried, angry, etc. Students learned that when they have a strong feeling, they can put their hands on their tummy, say “stop”, and then name their feeling (i.e. “I am frustrated”). We discussed that it is ok to have strong feelings but using our hands or words negatively is never ok. Instead we can use our calm down strategies to keep everyone safe. Please look at the home link letters to see how you can discuss this at home as well.

Unit 3 Week 14 Strong Feelings

Unit 3 Week 15 Naming Feelings

Last, a quick reminder that there is no school on Monday due to Martin Luther King day and February 10th from 5-7pm is our Multicultural Night/Fashion Show. Enjoy your extended weekend and we will see everyone on Tuesday January 21st.

Thank you for all you do,

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie

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Welcome Back and Worried feelings

Hello Families,

This week we went back and reviewed all the rules of our classroom and school. We discussed how to be safe, respectful and responsible during all parts of our day. We reviewed what our bodies look like when they are ready to learn and what our hands can do to be safe. We also practiced following directions right away and exactly. To help us practice following directions we practiced zipping up our coats this week. You can encourage your student to continue practicing this at home as well.

In small groups this week, students practiced their positional words while moving through obstacles. The moved around a boulder, over the mountain, through the canyon, across the river and into the lake. In another small group students sorted socks by their color and size. In the last group students played musical chairs. They practiced being a good sport and saying good game.

In Second Steps this week we covered Feelings in Our Body. We talked about how our body can feel different when we are having worried feelings. Our heart rate might be a little faster, we might breathe a little faster and our tummies might feel funny. When we have worried feelings we can ask an adult to help us feel better. Please look at the home link letter to see how you can discuss this at home as well.

We Feel Feelings in Our Bodies


  • Sign up for February home visits if you have not done so already.
  • Send in fabric if you are able for our fashion show. I went to Walmart and was able to pick up several pre-cut clearance pieces that were $2 for 2 yards.
  • Our next social will be on Monday February 10th. (The invitation home was printed wrong and said Friday February 10th, sorry for the confusion).

Thank you for everything you do for our classrooms and our kiddos!

Mrs. Losey and Ms. Jamie


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