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Cedars Provides Before and After School Care At Clinton

Clinton Elementary partners with CEDARS Youth Services to form the Clinton Community Learning Center (CLC).  As a CLC site, we offer various services that support the Lincoln CLC goals of (1) improving student learning and development, (2)strengthening and supporting families, and (3) engaging neighborhoods.  The Clinton CLC provides structured before and after school programming through its daily Core Program.  This licensed before and after school care is available as early as 7:00a.m. and extends to 6:00 p.m. The Core Program offers daily homework help, engaging and hands on academic lessons, service program, Title XX is accepted and additional tuition assistance is also available.  In addition to our Core Program, the Clinton CLC also offers free after-school clubs.  Clubs are held from 3:15-4:00 and cater to the various academic needs (i.e. math, reading, peer mentoring, etc.) and interests (i.e. Cub Scouts, art, etc.) of our students.  Clubs are offered on a quarterly basis, with sign-up sheets typically sent home in the first week, and clubs starting the third week of each quarter. Our first quarter clubs began the week of Sept. 4 with Art Club, Cub Scouts, and the L2:Learning together peer mentoring club. We are anticipating the return of Girl Scouts in our after-school line-up later this fall, and look forward to additional club opportunities to begin second quarter. With both our Core Program and CLC Clubs, our priority is providing students with extended learning opportunities in a safe and structured environment, that is also fun and engaging!
If you would like to learn more about our services, do not hesitate to contact:
Amara Madsen, Clinton CLC Coordinator, 402-770-8606
Adrianne Poppe, Clinton CLC Assistant Progam manager, 402-770-9925