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ELDA Testing at Clinton

ELDA is a statewide reading, writing, speaking and listening test required by the state of Nebraska. ELDA stands for English Language Development Assessment. All “Limited English Proficient” students participate in the test. K-2 students are assessed with an inventory completed by classroom and ELL teachers. 3-5 students complete paper/pencil tests and oral tests. Students will complete the assessments during the testing window of February 11 through March 7.

Report Cards

Report cards will be sent home on Wednesday, January 22. Reviewing the report card with your child is beneficial. Together you can celebrate growth from first quarter to second quarter. Students can highlight areas of strength. You can also set some goals for third quarter. If there are certain subject areas where students are not yet proficient, help them think about what steps need to be taken to continually improve. It is beneficial for students to see the connection between home and school as we continue to strive for continuous improvement.

Message from the AP

Clinton Comet Cafeteria

The cafeteria is off to a strong start again this year. We are proud of the way students are conducting themselves in the lunchroom. Procedures and routines are in place and working well. First, students arrive in line order and wait quietly as they move through line for their tray. Students sit at assigned tables and talk quietly for the first part of lunch. Once all students are seated TAPS time occurs. TAPS means total and perfect silence. The purpose of this time is to have five quiet minutes to relax and eat. Next tables are dismissed to return trays. Finally, students line up in classroom lines and their teachers walk them back to class.

We welcome parents and relatives to come and eat with their student(s) and have seen some of you already this year . If you’d like to purchase a school lunch, please call the office on the morning of your visit. This year’s lunch schedule is as follows:

11:00 Grade 1
11:20 Kindergarten
11:40 Grade 5
12:00 Grade 4
12:20 Grade 3
12:40 Grade 2

We hope you can come and have lunch with your child sometime this year!