Calvert Elementary

Community Learning Center currently serves children, families, and our neighborhood through collaborative partnerships that provide support services and opportunities, which lead to:

  • Improved student learning and developments
  • Thriving families
  • Strong neighborhoods

Calvert CLC provides a delivery system that uses Calvert school as the hub of service. The center provides safe, supervised before and after school programs, weekend and summer enrichment programs, and many other supportive services for citizens of all ages.

A sample of some of the Calvert CLC community collaborative partners helping make this program a success are, Union College, Calvert P.T.S.O., Neighborhood Works, Lincoln Police Department, Great Place Properties, Cub Scouts, Farmers Ins Group, 4-H Extension, DaVinci’s, Conroy’s, Lincoln Parks & Recreation, AmeriCorps, Madonna Rehab,Us Postal Workers, MillTown CLC, and the list continues to grow as we expand our programing and horizons.

We also have a host of School Collaborative partners such as the Calvert Certified (Teachers from all areas) & non-Certified staff (custodial/ kitchen/ para), administration, community members, business owners, college students etc. whom are Club Leaders or offer assist to the program.

Calvert CLC offers weekday programming to approx 110 to 175 students/day from 2200 to 2700 contacts with students per month between 6:30am and 6:00pm.  In addition we collaborate with Family engagement activities after school such as Gardening Party, Family Movie Nights, Family Swim that has an attendance range of 200-270, with Family Fun Night being 400+.  Additional after school, weekend, daytime, activities including Scout and other youth groups, youth and adult athletics, foreign language, ceramics, cooking classes, gardening, are just a sample of activities taking place at our Community School in conjunction with the CLC.

Nate Ball, School  Community Coordinator
Calvert Community Center
4500 Stockwell Street
Lincoln, NE 68506
Phone: 402-441-8484

3709 S 46th St [map]
Lincoln, Nebraska 68506
Phone: (402) 436-1130
Fax: (402) 458-3230