Skills tests

Skill assessments


First grade
Skip for  in a mature pattern
– Skip 30 feet using the critical elements of a mature pattern.
– Step-hop action on alternating feet.

Testing starts first quarter and continues all year.


Second grade
Dribbling for a total of 60 feet using all of the critical elements in 11-14 seconds;
– Continuously dribbles with one hand at a time
– ball no higher than waist level.

4= 10 seconds or less
3= 11-14 seconds
2= 15-18 seconds
1 =18 seconds or more.

Testing Starts 3rd quarter


Third grade skills tests

1) Jump Rope

Jump a moving rope 20 times forward and backwards.
  – Jumps rope suing critical elements.
      a) Proper grip and posture
      b) Two foot Jump and landing on balls of feet.
      c)  Slight bend of knees
d) Continuously swings rope and jumps

4 = Jumps 20 consecutive jumps forward and backward
3= Jumps rope successfully for 10-19 consecutive jumps in both directions
2= Jumps rope 10 or more consecutive jumps in one direction but not in the other direction
1 = Fails to jump rope 10 or more times forward or backward

2) “M: dribble in soccer



Fourth grade
Catch a thrown ball 5 out of 5 times with hands
Dribble a soccer through the formation of a “M” under 20 seconds

Testing starts in 3rd quarter


Fifth grade
Strike a ball with a tennis racket consecutively to the wall using an mature striking pattern 10 times in a row.

Testing starts in third quarter.