LPS Pole Vault

Great students, Great kids, Great athletes


14 reasons to vault,

and we want YOU to be number 15

Boys State Champions

1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2016

Luke Harrington (LHS) Araron Loy (LE) Danny Tylka (LE) Charlie Morris (LSE),      Charlie Morris (LSE), Austin Cassidy (LSW),  Jay Killpatrick (LE),                              Christian Sanderfer (LSW), Christian Sanderfer (LSW), Rocky Cauble (LSE)


Girls State Champions

2000, 2002, 2005, 2014

Michelle Railsback (LSE), Gabriela Cantarero (LE), Hannah Rankin (LSE),                   Karlye Cygan (LSW)

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Over the years our vaulters have encountered NO major injuries from vaulting, and very few minor injuries, (ex: sprains, knees…) from vaulting. Unfortunately we did have a broken ankle in 2011 from landing on the mat standing up.  The main reason for this clean slate is the intense focus, for the beginners as well as the accomplished vaulters on getting into the pit. No heights or vaulting is, or will be permitted until each vaulter can demonstrate that they are competent in the skills needed to safely vault.

State meet athlete totals and scoring



It can and has happened… and the medal will be all yours.


Over the years,  your percentages to compete, score, or even earn a medal in the vault at the state meet are pretty high.

Train hard enough, you just might be a state champion or even the best in the state.

You can still participate in football, volleyball, cross country, boys tennis, girls golf, softball, swimming, diving, basketball, wrestling, and track and field. We have had several athletes who competed in the vault as well as other track events.

Guys can you long jump around 17 feet and run a 5 sec. 40?
You can do this. You are faster and can jump further.  Now we are talking possible state competitor and medaling.

Girls can you long jump 14 feet and run a 6 sec. 40?
You can do this. You are faster and can jump further.  Now we are talking possible state competitor and medaling.


Things to think about
Excuses for some, are opportunities for others.
Come try it you may like it, you may even be good at it.

Life advice from Howard Buffett

Embrace challenges and confront your fears.
Seize every opportunity that makes you nervous or uncomfortable.
That’s when you grow the most.
When you’re challenged by something that scares the heck out of you.
Do it.

Life advice from Jason Whitten’s Grandfather.
“There’s bad, average, good, great and then there’s Elite.
If you want to be elite you must be different.”