School Mission and Vision Statements, Guiding Principles

Bryan Community School Mission Statement

Ensuring all students will achieve the necessary learning to be successful up to and beyond graduation

Bryan Community School Vision Statement

The Bryan Community School will provide an environment which allows students to develop a sense of purpose, strive for excellence in academic achievement, promote self-determination and create opportunities to develop trusting connections with one another.

Bryan Community School Guiding Principles

Respect         Responsibility         Hope                   Caring                   Safety         Peace

  • We will establish a respectful learning community that embraces individuality by trusting, listening, and showing compassion to one another.
  • We will assist students in developing a sense of responsibility by holding them accountable for their learning, decisions and actions.
  • We will strive to instill hope in all members of our community by increasing self-confidence and capability and by encouraging belief in our abilities to be successful.
  • We will promote a caring environment in which every member of the community is involved in the practice of creating a welcoming, inviting and helpful atmosphere for others.
  • We will ensure student and staff safety by providing procedural processes that create a sense of physical well-being.   We will strive to create an environment that is emotionally safe by seeking to understand, maintain confidentiality, and honor student emotional expression.
  • We will develop a peaceful environment by accepting ourselves and others and resolving differences through communication, seeking and giving support and ensuring fairness.