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Academic Integrity


Academic Integrity is a set of attitudes and a pattern of actions that describe how students learn.  Students at Southeast are expected to learn and demonstrate academic integrity in all their classes and learning in preparation for post-high school education and career development.
-Lincoln Southeast High School Student Handbook

The teachers of World Language at Southeast High School are committed to providing students opportunities to acquire the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing in the target language(s) as well as learning about the cultures of the people(s) who speak those languages.  They also believe that students must accomplish these goals through study, practice and individual effort.  Therefore, academic integrity is expected from all students.

In the classroom:
•    Students will not copy another student’s work or allow others to copy.
•    Students will not get answers on quizzes or tests from others, nor will they provide that information in any way to another student.
•    Students will not take credit or receive a grade for any assignment or project if s/he did not do sufficient work.

Outside Resources:
•    Students will give credit (footnotes, notation or bibliography) of resources used in the preparation of any paper, project or assignment.
•    Students will not use electronic devices or computers to translate work into the target language.
•    Students must use appropriate, valid and accurate web sites for any class work or assignment.
•    Any information gained from others (exchange students, native speakers, tutors, etc.) must be processed by the student and done in his/her own words and linguistic level.

Consequences for infractions may include but are not limited to:
•    A grade of “0”
•    Notification of parent/guardian, counselor, administrator
•    Possible consequences to membership in National Honor Society or eligibility for other honors