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Level 3 Expectations

What’s expected of me?

1. In assigned seat and working on the warm-up when the bell rings.

2. Be prepared with all materials and completed homework.

3. Respect yourself and others.

4. Participate with a good attitude.

5. Follow all classroom procedures and Southeast specifications from the Student Handbook.

6. No electronic devices, earbuds, headphones or food or beverages in the classroom. (PLAIN bottled water is ok, everything else must be put away in backpacks before entering room.)

YOU are responsible for memorizing the material (current and previous). Homework could be 15 minutes to an hour (or more if you procrastinate). Even if there isn’t a specific assignment, STUDY 15-20 minutes daily.

What do I need?

1.A simple notebook is required for the class’s warm-ups, notes etc.

2. Folder or organized place for study sheets, worksheets.

3. Book, pen, pencil, planner.

4. Homework when given.(completed)


How do I get Help?

Use your all your resources like the book, notes, your grammar sheets, and online book practices.

-Class website:

-Ask an older student you trust

-Come outside of class for help

-Please COMMUNICATE with Maestra, if you ever have questions about these expectations, if you are struggling, or have something to discuss.

Academic Integrity: See LSE expectations.

Attendance and Tardies: Daily attendance is vital to succeed in the classroom since we do most of our work together! See LSE policies.

Assignments and Make-up Work:

  • Assignments -completed BEFORE your arrival
  • Homework -due beginning of period (when tardy bell rings)
  • Late assignments -60% till the chapter test; not accepted after the test.

Make-up work –due to absences is the student’s responsibility.

  • Consult website
  • Get notes from classmate
  • Check the class website (listed above) for further explanations.

If you are absent the day before a quiz or test, you will be expected to take it with the class. For absences of more than 2 days, please consult with Maestra about a time to come in outside of class.


Summative: 80% – Tests, quizzes, speaking assessments, projects, written work.

Formative: 20% – homework, in-class activities, in class speaking – need to earn 5 a week which will be doubled in the gradebook (ALL speaking missed due to absences must be made-up with Maestra. ).