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April 8, 2019 Monday

Español 2

Monday – warm-up – preterit or imperfect? Vocab practice – spanish to spanish. preterit imperfect with sheet from Friday and then a legend and 2 short stories about seeing something happen and reporting it. Extra practice due Wednesday beginning of class if chose to do it.

Friday 4/5/19 warm-up – descriptive words and verbs. Game to practice descriptions using the imperfect tense. Notes parts of a story – beginning, middle and end. Fairy tale – clip and worksheet listening activity and discussion with story plot line. Worksheet preterit and imperfect – what form of verb and why using notes and completed with partner. 1-10 will finish on Monday.

Español 3

Monday – Warm-up career characteristics and practice with partner. Subjunctive practice with sentences and discussed as a class after students wrote on the board. Contexto 3 and questions. Review for Test – complete Culture now wiht textbook and the rest is homework – Due Wednesday at beginning of class.

4/5/19 – warm-up describing career job characteristics. Practice with subjunctive p. 219 textbook. Review Contexto 1 p. 215, Contexto 2 p. 220 and comprehension and subjunctive questions. Speaking Act 11 p. 221.


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