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April 4, 2019 Thursday

Español 2

Thursday – warm-up with weather in the imperfect from notes yesterday. Review of ser and estar, uses and imperfect and preterit forms. Practice describing a character using the imperfect and previous vocabulary. Un torneo – preterit or imperfect and why? worksheet with partner and discussed. Codigo secrreto – worksheet using vocab and preterit/imperfect verbs – finish on own if didn’t finish in class. Story writing next week instead of Test. Planning in class on Wednesday April 10 and writing on Thursday April 11 (6th period – 3rd lunch).

Wednesday – preterit questions about day off. song with imperfect verb endings. Notes preterit v Imperfect in a story and cue words. Weather with imperfect – hand out.

Monday – Warm-up – vocab . clip of pop erruption. Mexico reading in Spanish and comprehension questions. Speaking activity – how were you when you were little? Game to practice imperfect verbs. small worksheet with partner practicing imperfect verbs.

Friday – Culture day – México.

Thursday (3.28)- warm-up using vocabulary. Translating sentences using vocabulary and imperfect tense. Review imperfect verbs. Game to review for quiz. Quiz 4.1.

Español 3

Thursday – Warm-up – what job? what characteristics? Finish career vocab. Video – comprehensioin, what message? What careers depicted? Beisbolistas…p. 219 – Roberto Clement – questions comprehension. Making connections reading p.232 Spanish, beisbol and mathmatics. review vocabulary. Test next Thursday April 11.

Wednesday – warm-up – making predictions using the present subjunctive. Flash vocabulary U4.1 vocabulary and additional careers so can use characteristics to describe.

Monday – Culture.

Friday – Warm-up – making wishes with the present subjunctive. Notes verbs of influence. Culture

Thursday ( 3. 28)- Warm-up practicing with vocabulary and subjunctive sentences. Quiz 4.1.

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