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March 25, 2019 Monday

Español 2

Warm-up matching noun vocabulary with verb vocabulary. Game with imperfect verbs – English to Spanish. Speaking activity – what I was like when I was 8. Paragraph filling in correct verb in the imperfect tense – with partner. Tomorrow – show and tell using 3 different verbs and 3 items. Quiz on vocabulary and imperfect tense on Thursday.

Español 3

Warm-up classifying adjectives as positive or negative qualities. Speaking about weekend in Español and discussion of random student generated words. suffixes – turning adjectives into nouns. Which quality do you have and why? speaking. Act 6 p. 218 using the subjunctive with verbs of hope. vocab practice. Have chromebooks charged for tomorrow. Quiz on Wednesday – all vocab and subjunctive with verbs of hope.

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