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March 22, 2019, Friday

Español 2

  1. warm-up – answering quesitons using the imperfect tense. Checked homework for completion (had been given some class time, needed to finish on own). Answers checked.
  2. Notes – irregular imperfect verbs.
  3. Please bring 3 items/photos of things you played with, listened too, read, etc when your were little (pre-middle school preferibly) STudents can bring their own items, or “borrow” from younger sibling or have photos or printed images. (I know that some may not have access to items from childhood and it can be made-up as well.) Students will show and tell in Spanish using imperfect tense and different verbs. STudents put reminder in their phone. Modeled by Maestra.
  4. Game using regular imperfect forms.
  5. Listening practice with song and imperfect verbs.

Español 3

  1. Warm-up – synonyms and antonyms. Sentences.
  2. Contexto 1 p. 215. Several questions – discussion with partner for credit about the reading. Act 4 about the reading p. 216.
  3. Notes – verbs of Hope (esperanza) p. 217.
  4. Reading – Juan Luis Guerra p. 224 and questions.
  5. Song – by Juan Luis Guerra – listening activity for UWEIRDO, subjunctive forms and other words in Spanish. Discussed.
  6. Quizlet for vocab is posted on classroom – practice on own and will play quizlet live next week. Quiz is mid-week.


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