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February 8, 2019, Friday

Español 2

  1. Warm-up – phrases to use in the market – translating English to Spanish using current phrases and vocabulary and previous verbs.
  2. Board game to practice u-stem verbs and Quizlet live to practice vocabulary.
  3. Quiz 3.2.

Español 3

  1. Warm-up – do we use por or para? and what is the reasoning? Completed with partner and notes.
  2. Reading in Context 2 – p. 160. Comprehension questions using vocabulary and future tense verbs.
  3. White boards to practice por or para, future tense conjugations and vocabulary. Quizlet live – vocabulary practice.
  4. Discussion about next weeks project – think of 3 animals to combine in a new creation and what they will do in the future/how survive, make the world a better place. Reviewed some animals.
  5. Quiz on Monday.

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