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February 4, 2019 Monday

Español 2

  1. warm-up – write a paragraph of 5 level 2 complex sentences using the preterit form of given verbs in the yo form and lots of current vocabulary. Use connecting words as well. Talked about accents and preterit forms.
  2. irregular stem verb notes and practice p. 173 textbook for notes – practice on classroom – finish for tomorrow – due at the beginning of class.
  3. Notes – How long ago something happened – p.175 text – worksheet practice – finish for tomorrow – write out the question and the answer. We discussed what the verbs were and did the first one together – will be checked beginning of class tomorrow.
  4. Quiz on Friday Feb 8th – how long have you been doing something and how long ago you did something, vocabulary and ustem preterit verbs. Test Friday Feb 15 – all the previous material from the quiz and stem-change preterit verbs.

Started U 3.2 Jan 28th – have worked with vocabulary and the structure – how long have you been doing something and reviewed preterit tense.  U 3.1 – 3 weeks, beg of semester – Jan25. (Clothing, review irregular yo present tense, giving opinions and talking about clothing fit.

Español 3

  1. Warm-up – future tense verbs and with sentences.
  2. Pronunciation of vocabulary and discussed difference in verbs and nouns, adjectives. Additional vocabulary added as a help with the upcoming in class paper. Discussed spelling changes in verbs from this lesson.
  3. Text book – reading pp. 150-151 and 152-153.
  4. Homework – worksheet – future tense.
  5. Quiz – Friday Feb 9 – vocabulary, future tense and por/para.

Started U 3.1 Jan 31 – vocabulary and future tense. U 2.2 begin of semester till Jan 29. newspaper vocabulary, impersonal expressions and reviewed and worked extensively with all forms of commands.

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