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December 7, 2018, Friday

Español 2

  1. Speaking and Writing Final study questions – discussed what tense the questions were in and how to answer them. Using a variety of 2nd year semester 1 vocabulary. Speaking Final Tuesday Dec. 11. Written Final, Thursday Dec 13.
  2. Discussed expectations for mini-project and shared examples. Reutrned 5 minute write from yesterday with corrections to help. time to write. All written work stays in the classroom. Due Wednesday Dec 12.
  3. Posted review packets to classroom in case students misplaced their hard copies.

Español 3

Study for written final. Discussed questions and verb tenses to pay attention to. Posted Review packet on Classroom – write answers on own piece of paper and answers will be available to check with completion of entire page. Written question study sheet also posted to classroom (In case student loses goldenrod sheet)

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